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9e10's Log
(10-11-2017, 02:26 PM)Zachs Wrote: Sucks, man.  Probably not going to do much harm to have some small additives in those other ones.
I mean, yeah, it won't be the first nor the last time I will be ingesting some additives from supplements.
The thing that frustrates me a bit is the fact most supplements available in the US seem almost impossible to get here in Europe. And, when I find them, they are completely overpriced...
Then, since most people that participate in these forums are from the US, it feels like I can never follow anything properly, because I am not able to get what you guys have access to. Also, for example, regarding certain foods.

Here in particular, it's just ridiculous how all Betaine HCl I've linked seem to differ not only in 1, but 2, 3 or more ingredients. Ok, I know, I am probably being a little OCD and overthinking a little (I think this is normal and it is what happens when I don’t feel completely secure about something). The truth is, everything would be much easier for me if I could just point and click instead of doing endless searching which usually consumes me a lot of time unnecessarily...

But enough of this ranting lol. I dunno, sometimes I seem to have this tendency to see everything as a problem/stress and feeling like I am always in a rush or something like that.
The good news is that I was able to talk with that company with its in-house practitioner and I will be able to order it. I guess it was worth the time after all.
I’ve already ordered it. So I will tell when it arrives and share my experience with it.

Made in Germany, No pepsin, No additives
Did you try cascara sagrada? If yes, how you feel on it?
(10-04-2017, 08:20 PM)Sea Wrote: Have you tried white flour? I've typically found it easier to digest than white potatoes or fruits when my metabolism has been impaired.

To increase bowel movements, I would recommend frequent espresso shots throughout the day, and/or epsom salt baths.
White flour... I've never thought about it. I mean, I think I can't go for white flour. Doesn't it have gluten? I used to have psoriasis in the past and I've never had it anymore when I start to remove a bunch of foods. Of course, I could never find the culprit, but I am convinced it's the gluten-containing foods.
Although, what you've recommended me, makes me think. I could actually invest on another flour.
However, how did you cook and eat the flour?

Also, the other day I saw some baby foods made with whole rice (with Thiamine added only). Has it ever occurred to you back when your metabolism was impaired to eat baby foods? Maybe I could tolerate them better. After all, they are easier to digest for sure. What do you think?

Coffee probably would help with my constipation for sure. It's just, to be honest, I am kind of afraid of drinking it because I have heart palpitations every single day. So, I am not sure if it is a wise move. I could give it a try though. I remember in the past, it used to help me having bowel movements indeed, but I also remember having gerd from it and burping a lot smelling like coffee. Like I wouldn't digest it well. The last time I had coffee (5 months ago...?), it made me somewhat uncomfortable. In the past, I don't remember feeling like that, however, I wasn't nearly aware how my body would react to foods. Also, I was on medication so the results might be biased.
Regarding Epsom salts... I don't know. Every time I tried something with magnesium didn't like the results. I didn't have good experience from taking magnesium supplements nor even when I tried foot baths too (I've have to add that reading the side effects first, there is always a probability to alter the results. Which sucks.). Ridges and soft fingernails is a thing that happened on both situations though.
(10-15-2017, 09:12 PM)mahounie Wrote: https://www.amazon.de/Betain-HCL-425-60-...005EJMZKU/

Made in Germany, No pepsin, No additives
It's not capsule made from gelatin, but it is definitely pretty clean. Now I've ordered the one that Zachs mentioned. I am still waiting for it, but I guess that one would be my second option and Thorne would be third.

By the way, is not having pepsin a good thing?

I've read a little about it and it seemed that having pepsin would be better because it compliments with HCl. However I've also read that some people react badly to pepsin. I mean, I guess it is understandable since some pepsin seem to be made from pork, others from fungal. Now, it would be hard for me to know if I react badly with Pepsin since I have never had experience with Betaine HCl supplements before. I know I don't do very well with commercial gelatin/hydrolyzed gelatin (both from pork). I still think it's because of lack of stomach acid because, for instance, hydrolyzed gelatin gave me mild gerd. I do better with chicken stocks or cow's foot stocks (and pork meat) though. Again, the only way I can know is by trying it.

But what is your opinion about it?

(10-16-2017, 05:27 AM)Broken man Wrote: Did you try cascara sagrada? If yes, how you feel on it?
No, I still didn't try Cascara Sagrada. I am still waiting for Betaine HCl to arrive and see how it will affect my digestion. I really don't like to mix confounding variables (mixing supplements, in this case) when I want to try something new.
Also, I have to say that I always feel like on the "err" side regarding laxatives and I don't feel confident about it, but I can definitely change my opinion since I've never search/read enough about it and how people feel on it. These are the reasons that don't let me try it.
Surely, it's still an open door.

Out of curiosity, why did you ask? Do you have good results with it? Or, you also feel like trying it but, first, you want to be cautious too and know more how people feel on it?

Small update

I have been trying as much as I can to fix my circadian rhythm. I really want to wake and sleep earlier. I was also prioritizing things that didn't help me at the moment like reading things on the internet which would always led to unnecessary distractions and extra worries.

I've also made some peace with food, this is, I remain stable on what I eat to be somewhat functional. Basically, I've been completely avoiding all grains and focus on potatoes as my main source of carbs and eat some/few fruits. It's just, I really have to go for potatoes. They severely constipate me (up to 7 days. Geez, it's insane, sometimes I feel like if I don't do anything to provoke a bowel movement, I would remain always constipated), they are the only ones that let me build some routine and I can also manage to go for a walk and shopping (carrying bags) without feeling completely sore. I've also added vegetables on my meals. For some reason they help me to get warm (perhaps because of the trace of minerals and vitamins or maybe it is just because I'm drinking the warm stock they create). By adding them, it kind of eliminated the constant thought I had in my head that I was not eating healthy by missing some micro nutrient or that my diets felt incomplete. I know they have fiber, but it seem to not bother that much regarding feeling sore. Of course, unfortunately, they may contribute to my constipation issues.

Let's see if I can manage to get some free time to continue posting my food log again.
One thing I know is that I really need to be consistent with my calories intake, which I have some serious difficulties to keep them up. Mostly because I am not that hungry like every single time. Also, I think being constipated reduces even more my hunger signals.

I'm still waiting for Betaine HCl and see how it will affect me. I hope it will arrive this week. With that being said, I really need to find something that helps with my constipation. I want to see if Betaine will affect on my bowels. If it doesn't change anything, I am considering either trying Cascara Sagrada just to be clean inside OR drinking only liquids twice a week, since when I do it, I get immediately a lot of bowel movements OR just doing a coffee enema when things are stuck for too long. Also, what Sea suggested like flour and coffee.

Let's see. Slowly but surely I want to try new things and hoping I will improve my situation.
I would definitely suggest cascara for bowel movements, especially if you arnt going at least every other day. I have hears pretty consistently that cascara will produce a bowel movement same day. Also if taken regularly it can mimic thyroid so it might help all around.
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