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9e10's Log
I can see that my body is really weak and to detoxify itself, it will need available energy for sure. Otherwise, I'm guessing stress hormones will be its first option.
Since most of you say to go for a non fiber diet or to avoid hard to digest foods, I will try to do that but I need the tools to do it... I mean, how can I go for a non fiber diet if OJ is my only option of juice? And I can't just go for orange juice otherwise I will not be able to breath at all because of eosinophilia.
I guess I will have to try other juices to get calories and just hope it will work. So, I think will have to do an investment, because I do believe fresh pressed juices are better. I actually don't understand how people go for those bottled/packaged juices which some of them taste really nasty. I think I will have to buy a masticating juicer to be able to drink another juice besides OJ. Even if then I conclude I don't tolerate any juice from any fruit, I think it is still a worthy life time investment, nonetheless. And with the masticating juicer, I can also be able to try potato juice @theLaw mentioned.

This was the idea that came to my head. because I am still clueless how to get around 2000 calories when going for a non fiber diet.

If anyone has any better (cheap) solution, I am all hears.

23:30 Lay down in bed
1:30 (?) Fall asleep
4:30 (?) Randomly wake up
7:00 (?) Randomly wake up again
11:30 Get up

- I took the first dose of Elixa this day. I still had some difficulties to fall asleep and for some reason I woke up several times during the night. Nevertheless, before falling asleep, there wasn't the mild pain in my gut (acidic like). Only some gases. So, it was much easier to stay quiet in bed until I could fall asleep.


11:30 Got up
13:30 Lunch: 1 apple (right before lunch) + 150 g cow beef + 100 g white rice (raw) + 2 tbsp. OO + 350 mL coconut water (packaged)
14:00 Felt cold and awful after lunch - I think the coconut water helped on this, since it was cold and it is a liquid...
16:30-18:00 Went for a walk - Warmed up a bit. Things got better after digestion
20:00 Dinner: 150 Red Fish + 150 g Boiled White Potatoes + 1 tbsp. OO + 1 tbsp. Ghee + Cooked Pear
0:00 I was feeling very tired and weak
0:10 Went to bed
1:00-6:20 Sleeping

Energy: 1594 kcal
Protein: 82 g
Carbs: 173 g
Fat: 65 g

- I can't make sure how much Olive Oil there is on a meal. I'm taking a guess, because sometimes it seems it doesn''t really have any, so I just end up pouring some on my carbs. Again, there are always onion, garlic, spices and some veggies sometimes. But since they don't really add much regarding calories, I'm not putting them here.
- Still hoping Elixa can help me being more functional. Really want to prepare my meals. I slept better or, at least, I didn't wake up several times during the night . I only slept 5 hours though, but I felt that I rested better and not like when I was sleeping those 2, 3 hours...
Btw, this day, I don't know if it was because of the Elixa, but I felt really tired in the evening. Perhaps, I was just tired since I woke up several times during the night.

Some thoughts:

- I am wondering if substituting olive oil for Ghee is a good idea. So, instead of pouring Olive Oil I would just starting pouring ghee. I would rather have butter, but I still react to the minimal amount of protein it has. And Ghee isn't that bad. I just don't know if it is safe to use like olive oil.
Get more calories, man! Can you only stomach that much during a meal? I know you arnt me but i can eat 1500 calories in a meal easily. You can at least try to get 2x1000 calorie meals in.

Regardless of what you are doing in any capacity, 1500 cals a day is close to starvation levels. You just wont see progress on this low of calories.

Btw i think olive oil is a very safe fat, safer than ghee which is very high heat treated.

6:30 Got up
8:30 Meal 1: 100 g boiled white potatoes + 2 soft boiled eggs + 1 cooked apple + 1 tbsp. ghee
9:00-11:00 Went for a walk 
13:00 Meal 2: 150g lamb + 250 g boiled white potatoes + 2 tbsp. OO + 1 banana + 1/2 mango
14:30 Bowel movement (after 3 days of constipation)
16:00-18:30 Shopping
20:00 Meal 3: 125g white fish + 100g boiled sweet potato + 2 tbps. OO + 1 apple
0:00 Lay down in bed
1:00-6:00 Sleeping and randomly woke up at 6 am
6:00-11:30 Sleeping

Energy: 2071 kcal
Protein: 100 g
Carbs: 181 g
Fat: 108 g


- 3rd day taking Elixa Probiotics
- During the day, I had 5 loud tinnitus (I remember reading that's related to endotoxins, if I recall correctly. I remember people saying the had this symptom when they take antibiotics. In my case, perhaps it might be related to Elixa)
- 3 meals felt really bad. I mean, only the last one. It could be because of the sweet potatoes... But I still feel like 2 meals are better. Although, my schedules are pretty messed up.
- During the afternoon, while I was shopping, I felt some pins and needles below my right rib cage (I've already mentioned about this). I was hoping this could be the day I could release whatever it's there, but it still wasn't...


11:30 Got up
13:00 Meal 1: 150g lamb + 350 g boiled white potatoes + 1 tsp. salt added after cooking + 2 tbsp. Ghee + 2 oranges
14:30-17:00 Went for a walk
20:00 Meal 2: 175 g salmon + 60 g white rice (raw) + 2 tbps. OO + 1 tsp. salt added after + 2 cooked apples
23:30 Lay down in bed
1:30/2:30 (?) - 5:00 Sleeping // Woke up at 5 am
5:00-10:30 Sleeping // Woke up at 10:30 am
10:30-11:30 Sleeping

Energy: 1838 kcal
Protein: 97 g
Carbs: 190 g
Fat: 78 g


- 4th day taking Elixa Probiotics
- I felt kind of tired at night and I was hoping to sleep earlier. But, for whatever reason, when I was going about to fall asleep, I had again that pain again below my rib cage which completely woke me up till around 1:30 or maybe it was even later (I'm always guessing regarding what time is it, since I slept without any watch near me).


11:30 Got up 
13:00 Meal 1: 50g lamb + 75 g chicken leg + 250 g boiled white potatoes + 2 tbsp. OO + 1 cooked apple + 1 tsp. ghee
15:30-17:00 Walking outdoors
20:00 Meal 2: 125g white fish + 75g white rice (raw) + 2 tbps. OO + 1 orange + 1 tsp. ghee + cooked apple
1:00 Lay down in bed
1:30-5:00 Sleeping // Woke up at 5 am**
5:00-7:00 Sleeping // Woke up at 7 am

Energy: 1831 kcal
Protein: 83 g
Carbs: 182 g
Fat: 88 g


- 5th day taking Elixa
- ** Holy, I woke up at 5 am with my heart beating very irregularly. It completely scared me out.

Some thoughts:

- I'm noticing if I look at the the sun at the end of the afternoon till it completely sets, I feel kind of tired and sleepy. If my daily routine let me and I can manage to do it, I will try to find a way to sleep after sunset or, at least, way less hours after it has set.
(09-11-2017, 03:19 AM)Zachs Wrote: Get more calories, man!  Can you only stomach that much during a meal?  I know you arnt me but i can eat 1500 calories in a meal easily.  You can at least try to get 2x1000 calorie meals in.

Regardless of what you are doing in any capacity, 1500 cals a day is close to starvation levels. You just wont see progress on this low of calories. 

Btw i think olive oil is a very safe fat, safer than ghee which is very high heat treated.
I can stomach more. I think I never eat more for convenience (sometimes it's simply this quantity that is on the pot for each one of us), like I do regarding salt.
Having a polluted mind saying that I will get diabetes or something like that, doesn't help much either. I always feel kind of insecure and afraid if I should eat more, because I never feel satisfied, but I also never feel hungry. So I don't really know what's my limit.
Also, it always feels very weird to me eating more than this in a single meal, because I am not used to eat this much. I mean, in the past, I would surely eat more than this, since I would also eat bread+butter or bread+cheese. So it would be seen, I would say, as "normal". Or, to be honest, perhaps better, I used to not think how much I should eat. I would just eat, period (and I usually ate a lot in a meal). But, of course, things are different now...

I remember when I was trying to eat tons of potatoes or tons of rice, it would always feel like it was too much of the same thing. I really need to clear my mind from this type of thoughts.
When you did a no fat diet/starchivore diet, I guess the size of your meals would look pretty big, no?.

I am already the one who cleans the pot, but I will make sure to cook an extra dose for me.
Again, this is also a reason I want to be by myself. Otherwise, it feels like I can never do what I want to do.
This weekend, I am going to my other house and I will stay there.

Nonetheless, I will always make sure to eat more from now on. I will be also tracking my weight just to see how it fluctuates.

(09-11-2017, 03:19 AM)Zachs Wrote: Btw i think olive oil is a very safe fat, safer than ghee which is very high heat treated.
I made my ghee at home, but I guess it is still very high heat treated. The olive oil I have at home is actually locally made, so I think the quality is pretty good (though during this Summer, because of the hot weather, the smell and taste kinda changed. Going rancid, I guess... But it is still probably better than those on the supermarket). I still don't know how much to put on my plate, though. I mean, I think this happens to all foods and not only to olive oil. Sometimes, I just conclude I never knew how to eat properly and much less how to prepare food. Clearly, also a reason I'm writing this log.

7:00 Woke up 
9:00 Got up
11:00 Meal 1: 125g lamb + 500 g boiled white potatoes + 80g White Rice (raw) +2 soft boiled eggs + 5 tsp. OO + 2 oranges + 1 cooked apple + 1 banana
12:00 Bowel Movement
12:30-13:30 Went for a walk
14:00-17:30 Took a nap
20:00 Meal 2: 100 g cod + 400 g white potatoes + 3 tsp. OO + 2 pears
0:30 Lay down in bed
3:00-7:30-10:30-11:30 Sleeping // Waking up

Energy: 2359 kcal
Protein: 91.6 g
Carbs: 370.6 g
Fat: 61.3 g


- 6th day taking Elixa
- I just can't handle it if I wake up this early. I mean, the truth is that I don't sleep shit. After going for a walk, I just felt so tired and sleepy that I just took a nap... In the past, I used to have this problem too when I would woke up very early in the day: I remember all my colleagues going to study after lunch and I would just fall asleep in the library and not study anything at all. 


Weight: 69.8 Kg

11:30 Got up 
14:00 Meal 1: 160g turkey breast + 485 g boiled white potatoes + 50g White Rice (raw) + 3 tbsp. OO + 2 pears
15:00-16:00 Went for a walk
20:00 Meal 2: 140 g chicken breast + 60 g white rice (raw) + 1 tbsp. OO + 2 oranges
0:00 Lay down in bed
1:30-4:30-7:30-11:00 Sleeping // Waking up

Energy: 2092 kcal
Protein: 109 g
Carbs: 238 g
Fat: 79 g


- 7th day taking Elixa - I was thinking about not doing a 2nd round immediately after, but as I have been eating plenty of starches lately, I think it is a way to help me to not poop almost rock solid. And, since I am not regular in any way, well, I might just do 2 consecutive rounds.
- Even though I am eating tons of starches, I seem to not get unbearable back pain. This seems short term good news, I guess. It may be probably because of Elixa. I almost don't have any pain there. The days I have, only 5% or less, completely meaningless. Still, regarding my legs, I can't say the same. After going for a walk, they feel completely sore, like I did a marathon. And I still wake up very very groggy in the morning. Not to mention the feeling cold, lack of energy and my sleep quality which is awful. I always wake up so many times during the night...

(I am taking these notes just in case, regardless what I am doing.)
Remind me again, what would happen if you ate, say a pizza, pint of ice cream, some sodas and a burger for a days calories?

Seems like elixa might be helping, i see no harm in running a second round.

For the soreness you might try a 1/4th tsp baking soda once or twice a day on an empty stomach with water.
(09-16-2017, 03:30 PM)Zachs Wrote: Remind me again, what would happen if you ate, say a pizza, pint of ice cream, some sodas and a burger for a days calories?
The thing is dairy... I react so badly to it that I don't know how to explain. If I could have dairy everything would be so much easier. Because the moment I put it in my mouth, I want more, more and more. I would say, it becomes "natural" to eat more calories there comparing to when I eat "healthy" foods, because I have to force them down.
Is that really the only way to increase calories?

But, yeah, I indeed have serious difficulties to increase my calories. Basically, it seems like I have to drink olive oil to achieve it. It's not that I can't tolerate, for instance, 2 kg of potatoes per day. The problem is that I don't evacuate them. So they start to accumulate in my gut and there is a point it becomes unbearable. I still don't get how you did a no fat diet.
(09-16-2017, 03:30 PM)Zachs Wrote: Seems like elixa might be helping, i see no harm in running a second round.
It might... But as I said I think it is short term. Since I am not having any bowel movement for 3 days, I think all the fiber is start to bothering me, especially when I am trying to sleep. Also, today I had a mango a 450 g of cooked apple and I started to have back pain (I did this as an experiment to try to avoid starch... Kinda failed). I must say that I always had issues with mango and I would blame it more than apples. I don't know if it is because of its fiber or if it is some chemical that it has. But ok, I also ate a lot of cooked apple.

However, in the end, Elixa will probably not change much regarding my condition after finishing them (it helped me a lot after the issues I was having with coffee enemas I must say, though).
(09-16-2017, 03:30 PM)Zachs Wrote: For the soreness you might try a 1/4th tsp baking soda once or twice a day on an empty stomach with water.
I may try that. I mean, the soreness happens after going for a walk, especially if I go for a walk after eating. And also occurs immediately after waking up. Then, eventually, it fades away.

Weight: 69.4 Kg (-0.4)

11:00 Got up
12:00 Went out to get some sun
14:00 Meal 1: 80g lamb + 360 g boiled white potatoes + 250g sweet potatoes + 2 soft boiled eggs + 5 tbsp. OO + 1 orange
18:00-19:00 Went for a walk
20:30 Meal 2: 135 g cod + 300 g white potatoes + 1 tbsp. OO + 1 orange + 1 pear + 2 apples + 100g avocado
0:00 Lay down in bed
2:00-5:00-10:00 Sleeping // Waking up

Energy: 2409 kcal
Protein: 79 g
Carbs: 270 g
Fat: 119 g


- 8th day taking Elixa
- I think since I have increased the amount of starches (hence more fiber also) and not having any bowel movement, I feel somewhat breathless. Like I have to breathe twice as more than usual. I notice this more before falling asleep. A bowel movement usually ceases symptoms like this.
Typical endotoxin symptoms. Constipation is probably the worst thing for you. Have to tried cascara sagrada? A person i talk woth used it daily for several months to produce bowel movements. Ray Peat has saod that it also has a thyroid like effect when takong it daily for a while.

Really you should either try eating more of a fiber free diet or take something that you know will produce a bowel movement.

Personally potatoes gave me the absolute worst endotoxin issues, i cant and dont eat them unless they are fried but still rarely.
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