Ray Peat on Magnesium Bicarbonate / Acetate

I have asked Peat about the safety of supplementing Magnesiumhydrogencarbonate, also called Magnesium Bicarbonate (https://www.toxinless.com/magnesium-bicarbonate), and Magnesium Acetate, because I have some problems with Insomnia since I have started to take 1/8 Cynoplus in the morning and read that Peat suspects low Magnesium in that case (http://peatarian.com/50427/insomnia-cyno...437#c50437).

I also showed him this quote I have found from http://tinyurl.com/mag-ace about Magnesium Acetate:

"I discovered that ingesting magnesium acetate powder would be metabolized by the body into the elusive magnesium bicarbonate. This allows high dose magnesium bicarbonat supplementation to be achieved, bypassing all of the expensive very dilute bottled magnesium bicarbonate waters, and avoiding large amounts of baking soda, thus eliminating sodium overload.  Since it is well documented in the medical literature, as far back as 1965, that the acetate ion metabolizes into bicarbonate in humans (and mammals),  this discovery is not patentable over obviousness.

I took a heaping teaspoon of magnesium acetate (10g) in the morning, and again in the evening, in a glass of water. The next morning I woke up feeling like I had taken a drink from the fountain of youth!  This effect still remains.  I have a huge increase in overall energy and a great increase in the feeling of “well being”. I am much more calm and can handle more stress as well, both of those are documented effects of adequate magnesium."

Unfortunately (or surprisingly?) he gave me his standard warning regarding Magnesium Supplements:

"Magnesium supplements often cause bowel inflammation, and intestinal irritation can cause insomnia. I always take my cynoplus at night, to go to sleep faster; it has an antiinflammatory effect." - Ray Peat

Thats lead me to the conclusion that Peat isnt really convinced of these supplements.

On June 2013, he gave me this answer when I asked him the first time about different Magnesium Supplements:

"Getting enough sodium in the diet helps to retain magnesium, but both of them are lost easily when thyroid function is low; when the thyroid status is good, the requirement for magnesium is easily met by ordinary foods.

The things I most often recommend for magnesium are the water from boiling greens such as beet, chard, turnip and kale, and coffee. Magnesium carbonate is a very good supplement, except that it can cause intestinal irritation. People tell me that they don't have bowel irritation from magnesium glycinate. Either Mg chloride or Mg sulfate with baking soda can be absorbed through the skin."

What do you think about Magnesium Bicarbonate and Acetate? Does Peat underrate them?
"Ray Peat says ice cream can make you fat." - Westside PUFAs
His answers seem to be more and more narrowed down to thyroid and metabolism. My guess is more and more people ask him about specific issues or supplements, but we forget his approach is much broader i.e. with good metabolism, thyroid function and very few safe supplements 99% of our problems should clear up. I don't know if he's right, many people seem to benefit from supplementing some magnesium. Otherwise he often cites milk, orange juice and coffee (if you drink a lot) as good sources of magnesium, potatoes is a decent one too.
Wondering if Mag Bi-carb has been irritating my intestines lately.

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