what are all of the blood tests?
If one wanted to try and get their doctor to prescribe them the big enchilada of blood tests, is there a resource online that lists them all? They tend to be in groups, right, like metabolic panel, thyroid panel, blood lipids, etc.?
Probably have to narrow it down, what are your syptoms or what you want to be proactive against? Lipid panel is useful because high cholesterol indicates hypothyroidism. Body temperature and pulse are good starting points. U can probably get the tests you mention easily, cbc, metabolic panel, &etc.
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My point is that I'm just wondering what all you can get, I don't have particular symptoms. Specifically if there is some medical reference of all of the standard and specialized blood tests available in, say, America.
If you dont have any major symptoms then a doctor will not do any blood tests except the basic metabolic panel and a liver enzyme panel maybe. Cholesterol if you are 35 or older. Other than that, insurance will not cover it unless there is a legitamite reason.
If you want to see all the available blood tests, just go to a an online bloodtest website and look through what they offer.
What kind of symptoms does someone have to claim to get some of the tests Peat talks about like lactic acid, or the exotics like NAD/NADH ratio?
I haven't found the NAD/NADH ratio blood test available anywhere at all.
Claiming is not enough, youd have to show symptoms that the doctor can see or understand. You might get then to run a TSH, maybe free t3/t4 but good luck getting reverse t3. You could probably get a total testosterone but its much harder to get free testosterone or any other hormones. They will never get you an estrogen blood test if you are a male unless your showing serious signs of hypogonadism or gynomastia or something.

Its best to either get your own blood tests out of pocket or just go by Ray Peat methods like temp, pulse, etc.
Thanks for the input guys. This was actually for my wife who ended up getting *most* of what she asked for. She had to argue a bit to get estrogen and cortisol, doctor refused minerals (sodium, potassium) as well as serotonin and prolactin. I think she was prescribed a couple of comprehensive panels, hopefully the thyroid one includes T3/T4 at least.
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