Civil War
I heard the civil war was about making cheap, high-quality cotton avaible to the british empire. Indian cottons were of poor quality, ani guess siuthern farmers were asking too much to the british for cotton. Suthern cotton went north first and then tk the crown. I also heard it was also about graft, pork contracts:

The papers had not been formally inventoried with the rest of Turner's documents. They included information about scandalous and underhanded dealings, and a memorandum allegedly indicated that those involved in some of the war profiteering and other schemes would stop at nothing to keep their secrets, a possible explanation for at least one of the mysterious deaths. These papers came to be known as the Turner-Baker Papers, and are part of the Neff-Guttridge collection.
They also learned of the cotton-for-pork deal between Union and Confederate politicians and businessmen, and the plan to temporarily remove Lincoln from office before it went awry and became a matter of murder"

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Not surprising, resource control/access almost always come into it. A large part of why the US got involved in Vietnam was concern over the control of rubber and tin.

U.S. News and World Report wrote:

Quote:One of the world's richest areas is open to the winner in Indochina. That's behind the growing U.S. concern ... tin, rubber, rice, key strategic materials are what the war is really all about. The U.S. sees it as a place to hold at any cost.
Wrote Nation's Business magazine:

Quote:The best thinkers on the subject in business and government agree that magnificent business opportunities await in Vietnam Thailand, Laos ... As the military situation in Vietnam improves, they expect the flow of business to double, triple, and quadruple.

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