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What i have done to cure hypo and stay lean.
I figured that since i am able to just post whatever i like over here that i would continue talking about my journey in healing myself. over on RPF i had a few posts that got a lot of attention, pufa depletion in 30 days and also weight lifting ona peat diet.  i had a lot of PMs and questions after that.

So quick back story, i lost about 45lbs in 4 months doing a zero fat diet.  i basically cleared pufa from my tissues and almost overnight raised metabolism.  after that i found Edwards blog and also read Westin Price book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration (a must read btw) and started an experiment of utilizing saturated fat as a main source of energy.  did that for a few months and liked it, gaining mass without fat gain.  but i did a few things wrong that i now see, mainly using too much coffee and chocolate, i am a slow metabolizer of stimulants.  after that i did another quick attempt at zero fat but i didnt enjoy it nearly as much, i dont feel it is an optimal diet at least for a lean person of northern european descent.

From then until current i have redone the high fat diet and been tweaking it until what i feel is an optimal diet for myself. currently im at the peak health of my life, even better than in teen years.  post 2 will talk about what im currently doing, what health improvements i have experienced and plans for the future.  id like to field questions here so i have a permanent place for them here.
Zachs I can't wait to hear about this.
Lets get right into the current diet that i have been doing for a good half a year with only little tweaks here and there. Ill preface it by saying that i have gotten real comfortable with my health where it is and have been pretty relaxed on what i eat some weeks. Pretty much anything is game once in awhile. That said, i do have more goals and have been pretty into achieving them lately.

The diet is based mainly off of an ancestral diet for my norwegian and northern europeam heritage and notes from peat and edward.

The diet is based on animal products. I eat a lot of pork or all kinds, beef, lamb, goat, eggs, fish, and full fat dairy (goat milk, cheese and cream). Pork is my go to meat, i find it extremely stimulating for me. This makes up maybe 3/4th of my calories. After that i eat a decent amount of bread as my only real starch source, non fortified always. I use mainly maple syrup as my main source of sugar, mainly for the mangenese and because its the best tasting thing on earth. I say this diet is high fat but its also pretty high sugar. I eat small amounts of well cooked greens, mushrooms and fruit, and also drink sodas and fruit juice once in awhile. Oh and tea, i like sweetened caffeine free tea.

Beyond the diet there some nuances that i really think play an important role. The first is fasting. I dont advise anyone to do a lot of fasting but i think for some, letting digestion rest can be very invigorating to the body and mind. I never fast more then 16 hours at a time and usually have some sugars at all times to keep a constant supply of glucose going. Mainly i dont eat solid foods late at night or early in the morning. I like to eat solid foods between 10am and 6pm.

I also only eat 2 meals a day or one big grazing meal. I get the majority of calories here, aiming for 2500 or so. 3k cals is a normal day for me. I also sip on cream, maple syrup and other sugar sources throughout the morning and night.

Magnesium. Magnesium is probably the most important mineral we can consume and almost everyone is deficient in it, especially Peat eaters because of the high amount of calcium consumed. Ill go into this in the future but i take a good amount every day.

Supplements, i dont take them. I have tried nearly everything and most are junk, some make things worse. The only things id ever recommend is mag, zinc and maybe vit d in the winter and k2.

Of course sleep, red light therapy, movement and stress reduction are all important but i can talk about those later.
Health improvements i have seen on this journey are a return to optimal functioning thyroid, temps at or above 98.6 at all times, heart beat above 70 even when resting, warm extremeties. On the last leg of the high saturated fat diet i have seen an improvement on body composition, i am slightly leaner then my pics i posted on rpf (currently wear a size 30 waist at 170lbs and almost 6' tall. I definitely have more muscle mass without much exercise. I still do muscle control as i have talked about in the past. Libido and sexual ability or virility is an all time high. Dry and aging facial skin is more supple. Eye sight has improved. Above all my auto immune disease has all but vanished.

I would say im cured but if i return to a shitty diet and lifestyle, symptoms sneak back in. Ao like i said, im not done here and still have some future goals, mainly seeing how far i can push body composition before there is a negative effect on health. I also started weight lifting again for the first time in 6+ years, im going to see how much mass i can gain. My girlfriend can attest to the fact that i gain muscle rapidly on this lifestyle.

I also want to push how much calories i consume and also how much magnesium. I have ideas about these things that i will save for later.
Heres a update on where im at bodycomp wise.  the lower right pic was after my initial fat loss and first high fat trial.  the upper left is today.  I am the same or slightly lower in bf but have quite a bit more size.  hard to tell from the pics but my entire upper frame is wider, abs are more defined and arms are bigger.  this is all without any exercise besides some muscle control which i have brought up before and about 3 weeks in the gym going twice a week.  im happy with this as a starting point for further experiments.
Hmm, attachments dont seem to be working.
Thanks for coming over here adding valuable information. Feel free to post blasphemous stuff. I really appreciate that youre running metabolism little differently.

Couple of questions. Did the idea of eating ancestorally come from top down(you read paleo or edward stuff and forced in to it) or did you kinda test different stuff and found out these work for you and came up with theory afterwards?

What is the single biggest thing that helped you outside of food and supplements?

Does quality matter when youre buying produce(pork, dairy)? Even the cheese and cream are from goat, no dairy from cow?

Maybe you can post pics as links from some service until the owner fixes the attachment thingy.

Cool stuff Zachs. I too have seen some improvements with lots and lots of saturated fat. I'm experimenting with cutting out for a few weeks but plan on adding it later. My question is:how is your energy level? Mine fluctuates. Any advice on maintaining steady energy?
Hey mahounie,

Thanks, im really glad to be here and helping this place grow.

Well first i think paleo and Edwards ideas are very different concepts. A little back story though is i ate VLC paleo for about 4 years and about 6 years just LC so when i finally found Ray Peat i was insanely messed up. I was severely hypo, overweight despite eating a deficit in calories, no libido, heart palps, and i triggered an auto immune disease so i had a ton of inflammation. It took 2-3 years of a matt stone eat everything mixed with ray peat diet to start feeling ok.

So i have tried many variations of paleo/lc all the to carnivorism. Iv also done a 80/10/10 style diet and things in between.

Along the way i have read everything about health and nutrition from all angles. The things that always made the most sense to me after i deprogrammed myself from paleo was just keeping it simple and eating intuitively. For instance, plants seeds are bad because obviously they dont want to be eaten. Fruit must be ok because it was designed to be eaten. Things like that. Also ancestral diet makes sense to me because what someone with a tropical islander background ate for centuries is just not going to work for a northerner who ate very little fruit and zero tubers but lots of animal meat and fat. I could go on all day on stuff like that.

That being said, Peats ideas are super interesting to me because he only looks at two things, a sick organism and a healthy one. And then he looks at what makes things sick and what makes them healthy. Universal things like pufa and sugar, etc. Edwards ideas also intrigued me because he looks at the same thing and comes to a different conclusion like saturated fat being preferable. But he doesnt get dogmatic with it saying sugar must be the devil then.

Ao i guess i just gravitated towards foods i naturally enjoy that just happen to be some things my direct ancestors ate and that are high in saturated fat and very easy to digest.

The single biggest thing is understanding digestion, how it works best and what makes it worse. I screwed up so many times with digestion that just lead me further and further away from optimal health.

Quality absolutely matters, not just for our health but the health of the planet. Vote with your dollar and buy local, organic and free range whenever you can. Unless im eating out i always by meat locally from farms i trust. Luckily i live in a good place for qaulity animal products. From the local coop i buy organic and foods without any fillers, added vitamins or mineral, emusifiers, gums, etc. I try to keep my diet very simple and highly digestible 90% of the time.

I think goat milk alignes much better with humans but im not opposed to cow dairy, cream and butter mainly.
(11-21-2016, 10:57 PM)Dizzryda Wrote: Cool stuff Zachs. I too have seen some improvements with lots and lots of saturated fat. I'm experimenting with cutting out for a few weeks but plan on adding it later. My question is:how is your energy level?  Mine fluctuates. Any advice on maintaining steady energy?

My energy is amazing and steady.  some times it hit euphoric levels which is nice.Smile

Yes, first you need to clear your body of pufa.  second, become very insulin sensitive.  this seems counter intuitive with a high fat diet but once pufa is cleared and metabolism is regained, the body can balance energy and utilize  different energy sources easier.  third is to always have enough sugar for optimal brain and liver function.  

Its definitely not an overnight thing but working towards those should be any sick persons first focus.  i have a lot of ideas on how to accomplish this but i have talked to many people over the years and i found that what works for me doesnt work for everyone.  it also depends on so many factors like age, sex, how sick one is, lifestyle, etc.  what works now might not work later and what doesnt work now might work later.  like i doubt i ever could have went from VLC to my current diet, i probably would have just balloned up in weight and gave myself full blown diabetes.  

So yea, clear that pufa and get enough simple sugars.  fasting may help as well depending on your ability to handle stress.
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