Peat Cultist "Cows Eat Grass"
There is a Peat cultist named "Cows Eat Grass" who posts on a blog and instagram. It is a wonderful and entertaining view of somebody living in an echo chamber. He calls his blog an "anti dogma blog." That is hilarious.

He has a weird obsession with "sugar" and sucrose but somehow missed this Peat quote:

"Refined granulated sugar is extremely pure, but it lacks all of the essential nutrients, so it should be considered as a temporary therapeutic material, or as an occasional substitute when good fruit isn't available, or when available honey is allergenic." - Raymond Peat

It seems CEG doesn't know what "temporary therapeutic material" infers..

And this: "Although plain sucrose can alleviate the metabolic suppression of an average diet, the effect of sugars in the diet is much more likely to be healthful in the long run when they are associated with an abundance of minerals, as in milk and fruit, which provide potassium and calcium and other protective nutrients." - Raymond Peat

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Peat eats baby turnips, raw carrots, and most would consider mushrooms as "vegetables.." which by the way, was hilarious to watch all of the Peat cultists scramble to the nearest grocery store to buy mushrooms once Peat endorsed them in 2015. Before, they were considerd "toxic" because of one email quote but then they became a Peatarian staple from one new newsletter.

"These sort of traditional ideas about the acid base balance of food, they usually lead to a pretty good diet. For example, the Indian diet - fruit, vegetables and milk and cheese. That's a good example of the alkaline residue diet. And so I don't have any disagreement with the dietary recommendations to eat lots of milk and cheese and fruit and vegetables."-Raymond Peat

And they ignore things Peat has said like in this clip, and although Peat doesn't consume cooked leafy greens much or at all, his reasoning is because he doesn't need to because of his milk consumption but nonetheless has said this about greens which contradicts the anti-greens cultists:

Ray Peat on eating well cooked leafy greens:

“Foods with a higher, safer ratio of calcium to phosphate are leaves, such as kale, turnip greens, and beet greens, and many fruits, milk, and cheese. - from Ray Peat article "Phosphate, activation, and aging"

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Cows EG, You act like all of the people on the RPF and elsewhere in Peatland (facebook) are all thriving and doing great on your diet. Do you even read the threads where people struggle with the dairy and fruit based diet? According to you, it's only "vegans" that are malnourished in the alt-health world? Hmm..

There are way more transparent people posting on social media who are getting good results, both physical and otherwise, using non-Peat approaches than Peatarains so..

When I asked Peat about a well planned "vegan" diet he said "Yes, I think those goods can provide enough protein in a good balance of amino acids." In that context, ultimately it came down to protein from a peat POV and I covered everything else in that post.

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