I notice more people are having problems with the other Ray Peat forum, me too.
(10-22-2018, 09:54 PM)Reaper242xxx Wrote: So I feel weird talking about this because I've never been banned from another forum before, kind of awkward lol. On the other Ray Peat forum my username is "Reaper242xx". If you ever find my posts and comments you'll notice I'm really much more of a viewer then a talker. I don't post much, at all. However I'm pretty sure I'm being forced off the forum now, essentially. I haven't been outright banned yet, however I've noticed all my comments are censored now. Literally every comment I try to post says "awaiting moderator approval" and 95% of them never get approved. I'm not sure what I did to get censored, lol. The only reason I'm hear saying this now is because I've exhausted every other option. And I've noticed how other people had problems as well. I tried letting it play out, thinking it might have been just a fluke. It never stopped, I actually tried contacting the admin too. This is when I started to think all of it was intentional, because the admin never replied to me. There's two things I'm thinking might have caused it. One, I did make a comment about how displeased I was with the work of Dr. McDougall.

I might have been on the harsh side, not vulgar though, more like constructive criticism. Apparently there are more pro-starch McDougall fans on the forum then I thought. Fair enough I guess, to each is own. McDougall did some great work by exposing seed oils to the nation, I just thought his promotion of starch and veganism ultimately crowded out all the positive sides of him. I also found his book to be rather unscientific. The second controversial thing I did was, I made a brief comment in the political section about anarcho-capitalism and Murray Rothbard. I know there's a heavy anti-libertarian crowd there, but my comment was in the right sub-section, and it didn't break any rules. And I wasn't even really cheerleading it either. I just said reading Rothbard changed my life. I'm leaning towards my Rothbard comment being the cause, because I noticed this heavy censorship shortly thereafter. At any rate, whatever was the cause it was probably due to a petty disagreement the moderator must have had with me. Instead of confronting me they'd rather just censor me. I have no time to deal with wishy washy mods. They wouldn't want to hear my mansplaining anyways, lmao.

Did you criticize any products? I think thats why i got banned. It's no coincidence that charlie's products are the ones on the top banner. The ban has been a blessing in disguise because not enough people share their own work, because you have to do your own work for that to happen, but the regulars on rpf just go there to waste time. I did, too.
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