common projects or assignment in academics
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Essay Editing: Tips From Professional Editors Online

 Now that writing the assignment is complete, it is now time for editing them. Editing makes sure the papers are as perfect as possible before submitting them to the professors.  Professionals at the essay editing service assert that students should always take time to read the document from end to beginning as part of the editing process.
Why? As editors at the online essay editing services state, reading a text backward focuses on spelling and grammar. When students read from start to finish, it's human nature to fill in missing words and see the correct spelling unconsciously. Even when words are missing or spelling is incorrect.

Other tips from the professionals include-

[img=4x4]file:///C:/Users/PC-LE0~1/AppData/Local/Temp/ksohtml5636/wps2.png[/img]Use word/spell checker for basic proofreading

The online proofreading, word counter, and spell-checking tools are an excellent place to start spotting the fundamental imperfections. These tools usually catch the most basic errors. Don’t blindly accept all the suggestions the spell/grammar check recommends. After all, it's a tool, and it has some limitation to understand the tone of the text.

[img=4x4]file:///C:/Users/PC-LE0~1/AppData/Local/Temp/ksohtml5636/wps3.png[/img]Cut long sentences into two

Experts associated with the online proofreading services emphasize making the long sentences short, even if it's grammatically correct. Long sentences often have several ideas, so they can quickly lose the reader's focus. These sentences don’t provide a break, leading readers to get stuck or lose interest. Perhaps the reader might get bored and watch TV instead. See if you spot a comma-heavy sentence. Try to give each idea an individual sentence.

[img=4x4]file:///C:/Users/PC-LE0~1/AppData/Local/Temp/ksohtml5636/wps4.png[/img]Replace negative with positive

Professional essay writers and editors believe that instead of saying what something isn’t, say what it is. If you find negative statements in the assignment with 'don't', 'shouldn't', 'can't', or other similar words, find a way to rewrite them without the 'not'. You will probably need to find a more robust and straightforward verb.

Replacing stuffy words with simple ones, reducing prepositions, avoiding passive voice in the text are more tips that can help tighten the text. Hope you will find this helpful. 

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It is essential to gather essential information to cite the dissertation as per the MLA referencing style. Include the following information: name of the author, title of the dissertation, date of publication, institution granting the degree, description of the work (optional), database and URL if accessed through a database or repository.

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