Collagen analog found in plants
I have long seen the compound trimethylglycine in supplement stores etc and always meant to try it and research it a bit, but never did. I knew nothing about it and didn’t realize it was also referred to as betaine. I read about betaine here and there but nothing stuck and I certainly didn’t realize that it was a metabolite of choline; one of the primary nutrients of the body.

I have long wondered, if collagen was such a good thing to be consuming, there must be a plant food equal to it. Nothing ever crossed my path of any other person even thinking such a thing.

Back to trimethylglycine, it is only 3 methyl groups and glycine and if the methyls are removed, you are left with glycine; the principal component of collagen. Come to find out yesterday there is such a thing as trimethyl-proline, which is 3 methyls and the secondary protein constituent of collagen, proline.

The highest source of trimethylproline appears to be oranges. And one of the highest sources of trimethylglycine is spinach.

It seems many people across the world have been eating a collagen producing diet without ever touching animal collagen; which has consistently been proven in research studies to be a pain in the ass to include in your diet.

If anyone can obtain free access to the study below, please let us know what it says. It is one of the few things written about trimethylproline content of foods.

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