To cycle or not to cycle [pregnenolone]
I started taking MRM 50mg capsules of pregnenolone a few days ago. It feels good (although a little irritated first day, possible over simulation).  I have been trying to read on how/when/how much pregnenolone to take. The ideas of this varies a LOT. Some say never take more than 5mg a day, while other says that one could use hundres of milligrams without problems. The low-dose guys also seems to think tha pregnenolone should be cycled. For example 5 days on, 2 days off. Im totally confused! I cannot understand why it should be cycled, because I read somewhere that pregnenolone has not negative feedback loop, thus it will not disturb the bodys own production, correct?

So my questions are:
1) How much pregnenolone should one take? Can the optimal dose be found throug som bloodworks? (I cannot get prog.test, but I can get estrogen, testosterone, FSH and progesterone)
2) Is it necessary to cycle progesterone? Do the same cycling rules apply to low doses of DHEA in case I try that later on?
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Hi Verntor3000
I am not a specialist on hormones, trying to find out more on them myself. However here is my take on your questions:
1. You need to take a minimal amount of Pregnenolone (PREG) to get a positive effect, not more. 15mg PREG has been a reported good dose. In fact I read that 15mg a person (male) has felt good energy and wellbeing increase for up to 5 days. That is a small dose, if you think of it. Most supplements of PREG are 25-50-100 mg per capsule. That is what I am doing too. I take abut a third to a half of a 25mg PREG capsule. I will gradually increase, should I feel it does not cause anything weird and/or I don't feel anything from a small dose.
1.b. Yes the blood test can be done for PREG, however it's not common. I had to wait for it 3-4 weeks, to get results. Mine seems to be in the middle of the accepted range. So I am not going to be overloading on PREG. Small spaced out doses, that is my take on PREG.
2. Yes, I would cycle Progesterone (PROG). The idea is to copy what nature does. In a healthy menstruating female, PROG is produced by a luteal body in the second phase of menstural cycle. So best guess is that nature knew what it was doing making PROG produced almost exclusively in the last two weeks of the cycle. Another reason of using PROG in a cycle is to allow receptor cites and skin to recover. Apparently if the PROG cream is used daily without pauses, it is stops being absorbed, so one would need to change places of application. Also, I believe I ve read somewhere that a body needs to clear out progesterone to become sensitive to it again.
Basic conclusion is starting with a small dose of everything while taking periods of rest from both PROG and PREG...
How has your experience has been? Have you gotten good results from taking these hormones?
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