Interesting connection between 1901 mandatory vaccination amd influenza
For all the forced vaccinations people endured, death rates from infectious disease in general skyrocketed shortly after, during the 1918 pandemic. I read this interesting series of articles from stanford, and evidently the infkuenza outbreak began in military camps, the first population that was forcibly vaccinated. Many from the time suspected that it was a german biological warfare agent. Influenza outbreaks followed old tradkng routesx so i thiught i might be mistaken about the forced vacfinations of 1901-1918 contributing to, or causing, the "spanish" flu epidemic. So i searched for histories of vacfinations globally, in those areas that also suffered from the 1918 pandemic. Here is what i found:

India was one of the worst-hit countries for flu. Forced vaccination began at the same time as in america, also for military troops, who were also the first sick patients in their outbreak.

Brazil was another hotspot, the standford publication said it because they were on the trade routes, but sure enough, they also had a forced vaccination program that was began at the same time.

Though the standford publication was interesting and had true facts, i find it amazing to this day the severity of the 1918 outbreaks is mysterious, and that these widespread, forced vaccinations weren't considered.
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