Reason for toxicity of pectin additive
This could be a reason for the toxicity of the pectin additive and a worthwhile preventive measure we can use against food oxalate with the use of high pectin fruits with such meals.

Process for extraction of pectin
US 20120309946 A1
Embodiments of the processes provided herein allow for extraction of high quality pectins from pectin-containing plant materials using oxalic acid for extraction of the pectin containing material. Generally described, the process for extracting pectin having a high degree of polymerization includes preparing an aqueous suspension of a pectin-containing plant material; adding oxalic acid and/or a water-soluble oxalate to the aqueous suspension in an amount sufficient to provide a mixture having a pH of between 3.0 and 3.6 and a total molarity of oxalate greater than a total molarity of calcium(II); heating the mixture to a temperature from about 50 to about 80° C. for a time sufficient to extract pectin from the pectin-containing plant material; and separating the extracted pectin from the mixture. The extracted pectin desirably is characterized as having a degree of esterification (DE) of at least 72 and a high degree of polymerization, the degree of polymerization being characterized by an intrinsic viscosity of greater than about 6.5 dL/g.
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