"On Ray Peat and Danny Roddy"
Bruno, why don't you bring back peatarian? You still have it there anyway so why not?
Most members of the forum are gone, and the current community isn't anywhere close to healthy. There's also this forum, which clearly has no censorship.

A generic forum would have been nice if someone would have made that, one without financial incentives and that keeps the user base small. I don't want to be admin because I don't think it makes sense for me to be one, and I don't want to give the forum away because when I first mentioned doing so I really didn't like what happened and wouldn't be surprised if it got used for promoting more Patreons etc.
"Most members of the forum are gone"

As in dead? I doubt it. Most of them would come back once they realized it was active again.

"and the current community isn't anywhere close to healthy."

I think that is an odd statement. There is no "community." There is just the internet and people who use it. No one meets in person. Most don't even know what each other looks like. There will always be disagreements among individuals as there should be. Maybe in your mind everyone is supposed to be agreeing on everything and living in a hippie commune drawing butterflies and bees but thats not reality. That's not human nature. You should be happy and confident with yourself and not care about what idiots write on health forums. It's really not that serious. It should be a fun hobby. Not stressful.

"There's also this forum, which clearly has no censorship."

Yea but many people like the format of the Q and A and you just have it sitting there for years collecting digital dust.

"I don't want to be admin because I don't think it makes sense for me to be one"

Ok so just let others be admin and delete spam/illegal posts which shouldn't happen often anyway.

"and wouldn't be surprised if it got used for promoting more Patreons etc."

You can delete/ban people who do that but you really shouldn't care anyway. It's not like there are thousands of people visiting the site every day and read every post. The "community" is not that big. It's tiny compared to others.

You've been into this "health" thing for at least 7 years now, which is when you started the site, and finding Peat usuaully takes some time so you're at least a decade into this by now. I don't understand why you're still stuggling. I'm not trying to be mean or troll or whatever, I simply just don't understand you. Your posts above about all these random people don't make any sense. You talk about them as if we are supposed to know who they are. Who the fuck are these people? You're not very clear. I don't know if it's because English is not your first language but you are hard to understand sometimes. 

Roddy is a hipster elitist clown failed emo musician who makes his living off of desperate men who google male pattern baldness and and moved to MX so he can save up a lot of pesos because he couldn't afford his home country anymore and he wanted to be like his cult leader Papi Peat. And good for him, he's free to do so but you really shouldn't take him so seriously. He's just a lost millennial. He's even balding if you take a close look at his widows peak.

Same with the OTBOAT clowns. These people are scammers. Stop giving them so much power in your mind. Make fun of them and laugh and enjoy your life. They are all cultist clowns.
I was addressing these people somewhat directly, since I have no other outlet. Maybe why it was hard to understand. Unless you're talking about the grammar.

The forum uses Question2Answer with some custom plugins.
Download, put it at the top of your file system. Set the .htaccess right.
Then upload the database if you want to re-use the old one and set the username/password/... right in the qa-config file.
If anyone has backups of May 2015 those would work. It has been possible to use them since then. The backup I have has been scrambled a bit. So that one will work for bringing back the posts but restoring users will take some additional effort.

At this time only the domain name is alive, the files were wiped a few days back which is why the domain redirects here. I haven't used Peat's work in many years. That forum is unhealthy for other reasons anyways, but it doesn't matter.
What happened with Cliff McCrary (the guy who was on Roddy's podcasts)? He suffered a stroke and lost a large part of his vision? Then his FB disappeared? Nobody talks about this? Just like the guy who died taking a CO2 bath or the guy somewhere around 2014 who committed suicide. The latter were talked about but nobody took it very seriously apparently.

Yes, you definitely strike me as being psychotic. I think the fact that people that don't know you personally have had to block you from Facebook should tell you maybe that you need to reflect on how you're behaving towards others. My impression is, you lack the self-awareness to realize you are inciting unnecessary forum drama by bringing up personal information of people irrelevant to this forum and on other websites or in your personal life. You lack the self-awareness to realize that you are violating these people's privacy. And the fact that you have been blocked suggests you also, lack the self-awareness to have any sense of boundaries or awareness of reality.

The fact that you think you are okay or at least, humoring these delusions, when you clearly are not, is disturbing to say the least. That all aside, I can see some merit to your criticisms of Roddy and Peat and the cult-like worship of Charlie and his ilk on RPForum, but aside from that, I think it's foolish to attribute some grand meaning to Roddy's tweets, for example. There's nothing passive-aggressive about posting about cognitive biases, I think you're trying to project your own personal bias onto the reasons why someone like Roddy would talk about such things.

Let me be blunt: you think everyone is out to get you. This is not reality. I would hazard a guess that people like Pranarupa, Roddy, etc, are too busy and self-consumed with their own lives, to worry about anyone else's to such a degree, especially someone that they don't know personally, such as yourself. Your thinking is bizarre in that you think everything other people are doing has some special significance to you or some hidden meaning, going as far as to analyze Pranarupa's facebook profile quote. It is reminiscent of schizophrenic thinking.
No, in real life I have never thought people are out to get me and have never had any such issues there. The rest I'm not interested in since probably 10 people asked me to ban you when you were on my forum and kept on degrading those who disagreed, and since I'm not being treated nicely by any of them. I'll take it to an other server if I'm asked to, can't be bothered to host one myself just for this.


An other example ; in 2016, about 1 year after I started to get weirded out and still didn't think of a hack, I was watching people's profiles with a fake FaceBook account to get an idea of what was happening. The name of the account was 'Fatty Boom Boom' (don't ask). I deactivated it in October. Right after I did so, Christina posted a music video on YouTube with the intro lyrics 'boom boom shaka laka' :
A video of a dinosaur that gets vindicated by a lion. The few times I talked to Christina in 2013 she sent me a picture of a dinosaur figurine on her computer with the caption 'that's you' (my avatar on health fora was a dinosaur). If you knew her humor, you'd know that this is typically the kind of joke she makes. Always taunting. It's far from the only references the video contains (if you remember the cartoonish drawings I made on my FaceBook page you might appreciate it better).
In other words, perfect timing, and a strong overlap between private life and what is posted.

If this happens once, okay, coincidence. Happens 5 times, still coincidence. 50 times, okay, kinda weird but probably by chance. 200 times, weird but probably due to the fact that many things are interpretable (you know how it goes with music lyrics and the likes). 500 times, okay it's getting weird but no way people would hack into my computer and my iSight camera light isn't ever on. 1000 times, I realize it is way too weird, and apparently the iSight camera light isn't necessarily turned on when you use the camera (it's software-controlled). I move out of the house, buy a laptop I needed for school, and most of the bullying stops.

None of them look healthy ; haidut, Flavio Martins who I didn't picture since he deleted his profile pics after I commented on his face when he attacked my looks, Kyle Mamounis, Ryan Callahan, Danny Roddy, ...

[Image: DUddDqa.png][Image: TiZcqmI.png][Image: qstr44m.png][Image: CBqlBVP.png][Image: s6flqEK.png]
Anon, you're back. Where can I read more about your views on meta-ethics? Is this only available through your Patreon? I'm serious. I remember you criticized Sam Harris and I want to re-read what your were saying about ethics.
(04-23-2018, 11:43 PM)theLaw Wrote: What I can say is that the number of trolls is increasing quickly, and most healthy debate is being infected by these members who are just looking to create chaos.

Because of this I find myself spending less time reading the forum, and more time reading Peat's work directly.

I don't see a practical solution to this except for everyone to just "ignore" those members causing trouble, but that's just not happening at the moment.

I agree. There seems to be a lot of trolls. I find myself reading threads and wonder "Why am I even reading this?" lol. The thread will be 2 people arguing for like 6 pages. A lot of forum content is unrelated to Peat's work, or some distortion of it, but it is a forum so that's naturally going to happen to some degree. I think most of the people on the forum don't read the newsletters, and don't care to, which I wouldn't mind except that the forum is based around Ray's work, or at least it's supposed to be. What most people know about Ray's stuff is from reading the forums which is not necessarily and accurate depiction of his work. This is how misinformation spreads.
Holy shit, a recent post that's not from a bot or spammer. What the hell happened to this place?

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