"On Ray Peat and Danny Roddy"
Thanks, I had heard of that post from someone but indeed, they removed it. Saw Roddy share some more stuff about in-groups, competition and capitalism. It gets quite tiresome to point out the hypocrisies ... Even if you point it out, everything is done with passive-aggressiveness, debates are shunned, and I'm sure you can figure out why that is. Many of them victimize, eg. if I once responded to their insults with matching insults. Imagine being with a group against one person and yet complain about in-groups and cultism. Oh, and the fact that my (old, inactive) profiles get no visits since complaining about it is also supporting evidence.
Checked back on this. Because of some more dirtbaggery, below is a short overview of what happens with the woman who claims I raped her. Her boyfriend back then was a guy named 'Nicolas Steeno'. She claimed he was hitting her on the head repetitively. He seemed unusually aggressive. He's some kind of Freelancer. Rather old, too. I think he's about 40 now.

He took part in bullying too, in his usual passive aggressive way where he tries to assert dominance (question being, why?). He seems like a coward with health issues. Lost hair, which was interesting, and freaked out over it so much he got multiple hair transplants.

Photographs ;

[Image: V8w3dMI.png]

[Image: qfiSlcp.png]

Related person is Jelle Vervaecke, another person set up by that woman. Photographs ;

[Image: czSFsmZ.png]

[Image: y7Abr8D.png]

The first photograph is right before a building where I worked at the time it was taken (the building with the bridge). They knew about my whereabouts. The guy doesn't live there, nor does he work there.

The website of the woman (called 'Ine De Wit') passive-aggressively refers to me. I'll be open for public debate about this. Back in 2012 she started blaming me for her own health issues, and tried to morally whip me if you will, as they always do (I mean that they try to make me feel lousy or guilty in a sadistic kind of way, while trying to milk me out - Roddy still does it). At the time she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Eventually stole money from me, and started stalking and then mirrored my whole website (in 2014).

The Steeno guy claimed I raped her too, while the parents (to my surprise) told me they just thought I was trying to help and didn't believe any of it. The mother apologized. I lived at more than 20 miles away. I repetitively invited them to make it a court case or go to the police at the time. The whole thing was nothing short of absurd, since there was more than enough proof to show that they were lying. This strategy, of making nasty claims and never making any attempts at proving them, is very typical behavior not only of the aforementioned, but also of people like Danny Roddy, Vashin Vetala / 'Pranarupa' (who keeps calling me monstrous - I'll dedicate some stuff to him some time) and many related people.

Again, unhealthy people. Can't go to the police, no direct proof (I tried already). Moaning about this is not taken seriously enough. So can't do anything but things like this, for now. This movement is not about science. It's not individualistic. It's about money, group-thinking, status. As things always end up in nutrition circles.

If it's inappropriate to post these things I'll take it to my own servers and describe things in more detail.
Well as expected Roddy shared some studies about autists having reduced volume in parts of their brain, having more hair loss, that sort of thing. He's been doing this feminine passive-aggressive nastiness since for as long as I can remember, probably since people on my forum called him out for his Ray Peat fetish and monetization. He keeps on saying I'm balding. I have a way better hairline than him, strangely enough.
Here are some new posts by the girl who was making the allegations (they were made shortly after the above post, been stalking me for 6 years and counting) :

[Image: BtII7yy.png]

[Image: 25moAPF.png]

There were some more, also obvious references. I guess that's it for now, will try to get some advice from the police but aside from that there's little I can do since the parents don't give a damn.
One thing that creeps me out like crazy is the group of Christina Ieronymakis which I will give a short overview of now. Context is that I stopped talking to her altogether in 2015 after which she got nasty. Bullying included commenting on my body (teeth, hair, genitals, muscles or lack thereof, weight, asymmetry in my face). I thought it was hypocritical and called her out. They, in group, claimed her to look 12 year old, that she is unbelievably pretty, and proceeded to brand me a pedophile (I still have trouble understanding the rationale but that holds true for most of what they say). Here is how she actually looked at the time (2016) :

[Image: Lz7JcR2.jpg]

She looks just her age (24 there). Yet if I said anything critical I was said to be 'deluded'. Literally anything that was positive for me was said to be 'learned optimism' and anything negative about them was 'delusion'.

One similar thing Danny Roddy has been doing for about 3 years now is, now and again, associate me with something considered 'bad' by the Ray Peat community. At first it was 'cultism' (a word used by Ray Peat to describe Brownstein's followers), then 'authoritarianism', then 'learned helpless', 'commercialist', 'crony capitalist', 'Dunning-Kruger' (a passive-aggressive way to call me stupid), ... the latest is aggression. I'm not aggressive but could definitely get angry at what they do (which seems normal to me). They're all unbelievably (passive-)aggressive though. They seem to find great joy in harassing someone they don't even know. Under the assumption that I am the aggressive one, Roddy would try and make the case that aggression is caused by estrogen and serotonin but he'd share a study saying exactly the opposite and extracted a phrase out of it, completely taken out of context, talking about castrates. I feel more anger from cyproheptadine anyways.

Now the thing is, I used to be quite interested in France because I went there on holidays pretty much every year (in rural areas). Therefor I watched a lot of material coming from French people online, mostly from people living in rural areas. So Christina went to this French group of people which she found through video-games (she did not talk French before but probably knew basic phrases as learning French is mandatory in Flemish schools). I eventually found out that the people below were set up against me by her, and so I'm gonna have to describe a bit what they do.
So the first one I noted was this illustrator woman, one named 'Megane Nousse' who went by the nickname 'megane lovegood' parodied me almost daily at the time. Same bullying as Christina's - I was described as looking super-fat, like a bear, massive canthal tilt, depicted as a black guy, as a monkey, that sort of thing. My supposedly short stature was commented on, which is also strange since I'm average height but they're far below.

The second one was this woman named 'Laurine Sassano', an unusually trashy woman (the usual ; weed, McDonalds, ... - these things are pretty common since most of them seem to come from those parts of society).

Then there were a few guys, none of them particularly handsome but that seemed to find pleasure in commenting on my looks too. I have some asymmetry in my face and it was a popular subject. I commented that they have asymmetry themselves but it seemed to get right past them. Many of them appear to be overweight.

Then a scrawny homosexual guy named 'Danycaligula' who seems to make a big deal out of it and complains about harassment and cyberbullying a lot, which is also ironic.

Whenever I'm close to my parents (their home or their devices) I just feel genuinely paranoid all the time. Since Christina is a student of psychology I can't believe how this is even a possibility. Yet she's endlessly presented as a victim, as completely innocent.
Danny and Edward claimed to hate price-tags, now both have Patreons. I see some Ray Peat Forum people started a new thread spouting out the same old bullshit. It's typical for them to claim I live in a fantasy world or lie without saying what about or how I am not thinking realistically. Roddy said I should be realistic and leave school but I passed everything. He shut up after that. Now he isn't even ashamed of the Peat obsession, sharing a post with nothing but Peat recommendations (EMF meter, ionizer, OJ, antibiotics, ...). They *don't* live in the real world! It's usually stated I have a trauma or can't let go but I let go a long time ago yet they never do.
I called out some of the people on RPForum who went there to bully me too (the sadism can get quite intense) but got banned without warning. Didn't mention myself, just called out some claims they made that seemed absurd to me. A novel account I made was accepted, my posts were published, but now apparently they're hidden again and I'm back in moderation. The only posts I made with that one were purely scientific ; comments on a study that had been misinterpreted by haidut imo. They make up the wildest things there. It's like going to a pub and talking about the genders and the fundamentals of life to a bunch of drunkards.
Oh no my mistake I've just been banned now too. No reason this time I suppose. Zero insults towards anybody. Just banned.

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