"On Ray Peat and Danny Roddy"
Accounts of mine get shady visits again. LinkedIn, DeviantArt, ... None of these accounts are active. Accounts they aren't aware of never get any visits.
Kyle is certainly a mouthbreather ... people like him are the problem. Would be great if charlie would ban that asshole.
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Few days back, someone tried to break into the hosting account. Was forced to change the password. Not a healthy bunch of people.
Quote:1. I'm extremely sensitive to chemicals, as in synthetic chemicals in soaps, shampoos, etc. 
Skin gets red and blotchy if I use soap or shampoo with SLS in it. Scalp burns with SLS. 
Skin got itchy but not red or blotchy from DMSO. 

2. I've also used DMSO infrequently over the years, and I have never noticed any of the side-effects you mentioned. 
I've also never tasted the "garlic" or sulfur taste on the tongue even using 99% DMSO (topically).

3. Side-Effect Probability: Sick people can have no side-effects and healthy people can have side-effects. What matters is the probability of experiencing those side-effects. Supposedly Finasteride/Propecia/Anti-DHT hairloss drug has a probability of 1-5% for Erectile Dysfunction after using the medication. 

If 100 people use Finasteride and only 5 get Erectile Dysfunction, there could be 95 people benefiting from the drug. 

If a chemical helps people, why not use it? Especially if the risk of side effects is (x<1%).

4. I agree with you that side-effects need to be taken into consideration before taking any substance, but DMSO is benign.  I'm assuming you're equally disturbed by Yohimbe, an extremely unsafe stimulant. I've used Yohimbe and almost had to call an ambulance my heart was racing so fast. And yet there are people who use Yohimbe recreationally or for weight loss or for anti-fatigue purposes. 

5. DMSO treats at least one physical medical condition: Interstitial Cystitis (bladder)
I even saw pro-DMSO posters in my urologists office and this urologist is as mainstream as you can get.

Overall, I disagree with you that DMSO is unsafe for the majority of people.

Somo, I think with supplements, or drugs it is important to understand what the molecule is doing, instead of choosing to ingest something based on the manufactures alleged probability of side effects. Haidut is a good example here, as he has consistently lied to his potential customers not only about the side effect profile of DMSO, but by denying that side effects which had been reported to him by myself, had ever been reported by his customers.

Ray Peat has explained that DMSO exerts negative metabolic effects and therefore should not be used for any prolonged duration. In the context of the Ray Peat community, people are attempting to increase their metabolic rates. Therefore, when a compound is found to lower body temperature, raise nitric oxide and histamine, and has the end result of overexciting cells leading to their premature deaths; this is not a compound that I think should be considered helpful or a good idea to experiment with.

You are correct in your assessment that I would not recommend "Yohimbe". I agree with Ray Peat's general stance regarding supplements which I think is well illustrated here:

"Because the quality of commercial nutritional supplements is dangerously low, the only supplement I generally advocate is vitamin E, and that should be used sparingly. Occasionally, I will suggest limited use of other supplements, but it is far safer in general to use real foods, and to exclude foods which are poor in nutrients. Magnesium is typically deficient in hypothyroidism, and the safest way to get it is by using orange juice and meats, and by using epsom salts baths;" (http://www.thyroid-info.com/articles/ray-peat.htm)

The FDA may claim that DMSO treats Interstitial Cystitis, but in the Ray Peat community people generally don't subscribe to the pharmaceutical industry's theory of treating each symptom with a different drug or surgical intervention. Certainly, I subscribe to the idea that it is the metabolic rate which determines how fast we heal, and what types of diseases or aging we are susceptible to, and that is a mistake to treat specific problems like Interstitial Cystitis, instead of addressing the overall metabolic rate. Even Haidut has previously debunked the FDA here:

"The FDA has maintained for years that glyphosate is safe but has refused to test food samples for its presence. When public pressure for testing intensified the FDA finally started some tests in 2017 but the process was immediately tested by evidence that a top EPA official involved in the testing was openly collaborating with Monsanto and trying to derail the tests or skew their results. Well, it appears that the FDA is always part of the scam. As the article below shows, while the tests on "official food samples" performed by the FDA did not find any glyphosate, FDA's own scientists conducted their own tests on their own food they commonly eat and found glyphosate levels exceeding multiple times the allowed limits in every food they tested. Keep in mind that even the allowed limits are known to cause cancer in lab animals, but at the levels found in common foods as reported by these scientists the glyphosate's effects are probably going to manifest in a matter of months instead of years." (https://raypeatforum.com/community/threa...ted.23875/)
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(04-18-2018, 06:35 PM)Zozo Wrote: Yeah, the insults are very personal and thus very hard to explain to others, so it's to be expected that my sanity is questioned. Hacking someone in particular doesn't seem difficult (phishing, tampering with kernel, ...). Identifying a hacker like that is pretty much impossible. I'd definitely consider myself paranoid and delusional if that monster pic of Pranarupa was my only lead. The pictures were analogous in expression, hair, ... to pictures taken of me at the same time, which seemed real weird. It's part of a bigger whole.

I can definitely verify some of what Zozo has been saying in this thread. I have witnessed Dan Wich spreading the rumor that Zozo had a mental disorder on Facebook. Dan Wich announced virtually every new Idealabs(Haidut) supplement in Ray Peat Facebook groups as they were released, so he does seem to be connected to this group which Zozo alleges has been harassing him.
"The true method of knowledge is experiment." -William Blake
In what group and when did the FB talk happen? It's most useful for them to blame it on supposed delusions. If I find some direct evidence I'll be sure to share it.
Zero visits on my profiles now. Mamounis was still busy I think as well as Christina's in-group of french people she set up against me last year, people she met through video-games online. Brad Abrahams seemed to bully a tad more but I see he made his profile private.
@Zozo, it was in the "Ray Peat Fans" group. I started this thread when someone linked to your statement on peatarian.com in that group. I remember Brad Abrahams posted at the time, and denied any knowledge of anything in your original statement. At the time, me and several others criticized the actions of those people rushing to label you with a mental disorder, after which Dan Wich appeared remorseful and stated that he would probably delete his posts. I've searched again, and I'm fairly certain that the thread has since been deleted.
"The true method of knowledge is experiment." -William Blake
Thanks, I had heard of that post from someone but indeed, they removed it. Saw Roddy share some more stuff about in-groups, competition and capitalism. It gets quite tiresome to point out the hypocrisies ... Even if you point it out, everything is done with passive-aggressiveness, debates are shunned, and I'm sure you can figure out why that is. Many of them victimize, eg. if I once responded to their insults with matching insults. Imagine being with a group against one person and yet complain about in-groups and cultism. Oh, and the fact that my (old, inactive) profiles get no visits since complaining about it is also supporting evidence.
One thing that creeps me out like crazy is the group of Christina Ieronymakis which I will give a short overview of now. Context is that I stopped talking to her altogether in 2015 after which she got nasty. Bullying included commenting on my body (teeth, hair, genitals, muscles or lack thereof, weight, asymmetry in my face). I thought it was hypocritical and called her out. They, in group, claimed her to look 12 year old, that she is unbelievably pretty, and proceeded to brand me a pedophile (I still have trouble understanding the rationale but that holds true for most of what they say). Here is how she actually looked at the time (2016) :

[Image: Lz7JcR2.jpg]

She looks just her age (24 there). Yet if I said anything critical I was said to be 'deluded'. Literally anything that was positive for me was said to be 'learned optimism' and anything negative about them was 'delusion'.

One similar thing Danny Roddy has been doing for about 3 years now is, now and again, associate me with something considered 'bad' by the Ray Peat community. At first it was 'cultism' (a word used by Ray Peat to describe Brownstein's followers), then 'authoritarianism', then 'learned helpless', 'commercialist', 'crony capitalist', 'Dunning-Kruger' (a passive-aggressive way to call me stupid), ... the latest is aggression. I'm not aggressive but could definitely get angry at what they do (which seems normal to me). They're all unbelievably (passive-)aggressive though. They seem to find great joy in harassing someone they don't even know. Under the assumption that I am the aggressive one, Roddy would try and make the case that aggression is caused by estrogen and serotonin but he'd share a study saying exactly the opposite and extracted a phrase out of it, completely taken out of context, talking about castrates. I feel more anger from cyproheptadine anyways.

Now the thing is, I used to be quite interested in France because I went there on holidays pretty much every year (in rural areas). Therefor I watched a lot of material coming from French people online, mostly from people living in rural areas. So Christina went to this French group of people which she found through video-games (she did not talk French before but probably knew basic phrases as learning French is mandatory in Flemish schools). I eventually found out that the people below were set up against me by her, and so I'm gonna have to describe a bit what they do.
So the first one I noted was this illustrator woman, one named 'Megane Nousse' who went by the nickname 'megane lovegood' (edit : she changed the nickname after I shared it) parodied me almost daily at the time (edit : still bullies, october 2018). She seems to get a kick out of getting on my nerves. Same bullying as Christina's - I was described as looking super-fat (my BMI is 19), like a bear, weird canthal tilt, depicted as a black guy, as a monkey, that sort of thing. My supposedly short stature was commented on, which is also strange since I'm average height but they're far below.

[Image: 9pcCzvW.jpg]

Then there were a few guys, none of them particularly handsome but that seemed to find pleasure in commenting on my looks too. I have some asymmetry in my face and it was a popular subject. I commented that they have asymmetry themselves but it seemed to get right past them. Many of them appear to be overweight.

Names are Alexandre Dufay (nickname 'MetaWendoh').

[Image: hVsKczx.png]

Simon Delauney

[Image: jXKwJcg.png]

and some guy named 'Shineaud'. Regularly called me a whale, but I don't think he gets the metaphor. I called Christina that after she called me ugly regularly for 9 months (as always without good reason - I never even talked to her at the time).

[Image: 6iFRFGT.png]

Then a scrawny homosexual guy named 'Danycaligula' who seems to make a big deal out of it and complains about harassment and cyberbullying a lot, which is also ironic.

[Image: o3hOPAl.png]

Since Christina is (supposed to be) a student of psychology I can't believe how this is even a possibility. Yet she's endlessly presented as a victim, as completely innocent. There is no reason whatsoever for them to do this. Most of the things they come up with about the past seem to be Christina's lies that could be demonstrated to be false but she won't allow that.

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