"On Ray Peat and Danny Roddy"
(10-18-2018, 05:14 AM)Zozo Wrote: No, in real life I have never thought people are out to get me and have never had any such issues there. The rest I'm not interested in since probably 10 people asked me to ban you when you were on my forum and kept on degrading those who disagreed, and since I'm not being treated nicely by any of them. I'll take it to an other server if I'm asked to, can't be bothered to host one myself just for this.


An other example ; in 2016, about 1 year after I started to get weirded out and still didn't think of a hack, I was watching people's profiles with a fake FaceBook account to get an idea of what was happening. The name of the account was 'Fatty Boom Boom' (don't ask). I deactivated it in October. Right after I did so, Christina posted a music video on YouTube with the intro lyrics 'boom boom shaka laka' :
A video of a dinosaur that gets vindicated by a lion. The few times I talked to Christina in 2013 she sent me a picture of a dinosaur figurine on her computer with the caption 'that's you' (my avatar on health fora was a dinosaur). If you knew her humor, you'd know that this is typically the kind of joke she makes. Always taunting. It's far from the only references the video contains (if you remember the cartoonish drawings I made on my FaceBook page you might appreciate it better).
In other words, perfect timing, and a strong overlap between private life and what is posted.

If this happens once, okay, coincidence. Happens 5 times, still coincidence. 50 times, okay, kinda weird but probably by chance. 200 times, weird but probably due to the fact that many things are interpretable (you know how it goes with music lyrics and the likes). 500 times, okay it's getting weird but no way people would hack into my computer and my iSight camera light isn't ever on. 1000 times, I realize it is way too weird, and apparently the iSight camera light isn't necessarily turned on when you use the camera (it's software-controlled). I move out of the house, buy a laptop I needed for school, and most of the bullying stops.

[09/01/2019 -- Even today they somehow manage to think of themselves and their peers as 'victims', jokingly I suppose. It's as per usual with the bullies though, they try to mask their insecurities (haidut, Flavio Martins who I didn't picture since he deleted his profile pics after I commented on his face when he attacked my looks, Kyle Mamounis, Ryan Callahan, Danny Roddy, and all the rest).]

[Image: DUddDqa.png]
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[11/01/2019 -- I have a few DeviantArt profiles, all of them are deactivated. There are not linked to anywhere (not indexed, ...). Weirdly enough the ones that I still used during the whole time kept on getting shady visits. That didn't make sense, and there was a pattern. One account had the same name as a subreddit I made. The DeviantArt and that subreddit were never linked. The subreddit has no subscribers (it's an archive). Every time I posted to it with my reddit account a visit was made to the corresponding DeviantArt. The last time it happened, my very first DeviantArt also got visited. None of them get visits otherwise. There's a clear pattern, and the only people who would be able to link the subreddit with the DeviantArt would be people who had access to my old computer. The other possibility is that very randomly both accounts get visited right when I post in the subreddit. Seems rather unlikely. Not evidence of anything, but things like these add up. It may seem absurd that they'd visit DeviantArt profiles but I used to put drawings there and since it's one of the things they made fun of I suppose they're eager to find new content to mock.]

[12/01/2019 -- Right after the previous post, another visit to the very old account from 2013. (Edit 31/12 - this happened 2 more times since the 12th, whereas before the account had zero visits for months, during which I didn't post in the subreddit). Accounts they can't know about have zero visits. As far as I can tell they play into the whole thing. It's easy to make me look paranoid, and I have a hard time presenting all this information without making it look that way.]

[31/01/2019 -- When I confronted many of these people the response was pretty much always the same ; more very obvious taunting. I got very small men calling me a midget, ugly people calling me ugly, old people calling me old, etc. It's cliché but they really seem like they're crying on the inside. In any case I'm at a point I can't even put this stuff in doubt anymore, there's just way too much evidence. RPForum still stuck with talk about serotonin and the usual, apparently.]

So will the archive of peatarian.com be made available or nah? I dont know how much of it is on archive.org
[color=#222222][size=medium]"I have no religion, no political affiliation: I believe in me, above everything else." -Chasing Good & Evil[/size][/color]
I can send a database file if you want, there are free web hosts online where you could install the necessary files to make it display properly. I'm not sure if the encoding is okay though, I had trouble fixing it the last time I tried. In 2014 and 2015 I circulated backup files so other former users may still have those.

[Edit 24/03/2019] In the past week the only people that bullied were French people, Mamounis and Brad Abrahams. Brad started following this instagram a while back ; https://www.instagram.com/sw0mpbug666/
Recall that I mentioned how Christina changed her Soundcloud account to 'gh0st', I wrote it in some other post here. Brad is connected to Christina, they follow each other on social media. It looked weird when I found this out, because she wasn't connected to anybody else in the Ray Peat groups.
The context ; I didn't say a word since 02/02/2019, yet at some point people added votes to my reddit profile until the vote count rose to 111. Would look like a coincidence to most, except that when looking into it I noticed many of the bullies artificially started following people online so that their 'following' count on Twitter, Instagram, ... reached 333, 666 or 999 (I vaguely mentioned why they do this in one of the first posts here). I kept silent, posted something on reddit to increase the number, and noticed that they (un)followed people in concert. About 10 days later I complained on Brad's instagram, after which he followed an account that was as weird as the one I just mentioned, and also had plenty of references (read ; mockeries) to my former private life. These days, Brad seems to be looking for non-existing animals in woods and claims people get abducted and raped by UFOs and then calls me an idiot.
In any case, there's just too much evidence at my end that this happened, most of them barely bother to hide it.

I can hardly do anything about the hack at home. The computers at home are property of my parents, so I don't have access to them. It's not worth the bother anyways, even if I'd remove that hack they would follow me online as they always do and try to find some other way to get on my nerves. In the end I can just ignore them, they seem like a bunch of miserable people.

[Edit 10/04/2019] So ... what has been happening in the past week. Roddy bullied me more (the video references in his vids are mockeries of my life - just watch the grin at the end and you get to see a different side of him). I regularly read on gerontology and used to post recent studies in some forum (without commentary, it's like a hub where people share new studies). Roddy keeps on trying to tell me I'm 'prematurely aged'. It's funny cuz I like to read about gerontology, right? So I posted some pic of mine on the profile, to show I don't look prematurely aged. He mocked the pic the day after, changing the thumbnails of his vid to a parody of that pic (he shaved, then made these quirky faces). I wrote some comments on the videos but they were removed. I suppose having tried to make me close Peatarian because people called him out on there wasn't enough to get rid of him. I'm a bit concerned at how he manages to brand Peat's (and even forum member's) ideas as his own, it's a strange thing to watch people compliment him for ideas he didn't create. He just calls it 'his theories'. Back in the days he'd screech at me how 'cultist' or 'authoritarian' I am supposed to be and told people my forum was a cult. Brad Abrahams, Matthias Nelke, Edward Edmonds, Jeremy Stuart, Eric Lépine, Karen McCary, ... all were very busy trying to get rid of it. Then they went monetising. Very scientific behaviour, very sane all that.

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