"On Ray Peat and Danny Roddy"
(10-18-2018, 05:14 AM)Zozo Wrote: No, in real life I have never thought people are out to get me and have never had any such issues there. The rest I'm not interested in since probably 10 people asked me to ban you when you were on my forum and kept on degrading those who disagreed, and since I'm not being treated nicely by any of them. I'll take it to an other server if I'm asked to, can't be bothered to host one myself just for this.


An other example ; in 2016, about 1 year after I started to get weirded out and still didn't think of a hack, I was watching people's profiles with a fake FaceBook account to get an idea of what was happening. The name of the account was 'Fatty Boom Boom' (don't ask). I deactivated it in October. Right after I did so, Christina posted a music video on YouTube with the intro lyrics 'boom boom shaka laka' :
A video of a dinosaur that gets vindicated by a lion. The few times I talked to Christina in 2013 she sent me a picture of a dinosaur figurine on her computer with the caption 'that's you' (my avatar on health fora was a dinosaur). If you knew her humor, you'd know that this is typically the kind of joke she makes. Always taunting. It's far from the only references the video contains (if you remember the cartoonish drawings I made on my FaceBook page you might appreciate it better).
In other words, perfect timing, and a strong overlap between private life and what is posted.

If this happens once, okay, coincidence. Happens 5 times, still coincidence. 50 times, okay, kinda weird but probably by chance. 200 times, weird but probably due to the fact that many things are interpretable (you know how it goes with music lyrics and the likes). 500 times, okay it's getting weird but no way people would hack into my computer and my iSight camera light isn't ever on. 1000 times, I realize it is way too weird, and apparently the iSight camera light isn't necessarily turned on when you use the camera (it's software-controlled). I move out of the house, buy a laptop I needed for school, and most of the bullying stops.

[09/01/2019 -- Even today they somehow manage to think of themselves and their peers as 'victims', jokingly I suppose. It's as per usual with the bullies though, they try to mask their insecurities (haidut, Flavio Martins who I didn't picture since he deleted his profile pics after I commented on his face when he attacked my looks, Kyle Mamounis, Ryan Callahan, Danny Roddy, and all the rest).]

[Image: DUddDqa.png]
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[11/01/2019 -- I have a few DeviantArt profiles, all of them are deactivated. There are not linked to anywhere (not indexed, ...). Weirdly enough the ones that I still used during the whole time kept on getting shady visits. That didn't make sense, and there was a pattern. One account had the same name as a subreddit I made. The DeviantArt and that subreddit were never linked. The subreddit has no subscribers (it's an archive). Every time I posted to it with my reddit account a visit was made to the corresponding DeviantArt. The last time it happened, my very first DeviantArt also got visited. None of them get visits otherwise. There's a clear pattern, and the only people who would be able to link the subreddit with the DeviantArt would be people who had access to my old computer. The other possibility is that very randomly both accounts get visited right when I post in the subreddit. Seems rather unlikely. Not evidence of anything, but things like these add up. It may seem absurd that they'd visit DeviantArt profiles but I used to put drawings there and since it's one of the things they made fun of I suppose they're eager to find new content to mock.]

[12/01/2019 -- Right after the previous post, another visit to the very old account from 2013. (Edit 31/12 - this happened 2 more times since the 12th, whereas before the account had zero visits for months, during which I didn't post in the subreddit). Accounts they can't know about have zero visits. As far as I can tell they play into the whole thing. It's easy to make me look paranoid, and I have a hard time presenting all this information without making it look that way.]

[31/01/2019 -- When I confronted many of these people the response was pretty much always the same ; more very obvious taunting. I got very small men calling me a midget, ugly people calling me ugly, old people calling me old, etc. It's cliché but they really seem like they're crying on the inside. In any case I'm at a point I can't even put this stuff in doubt anymore, there's just way too much evidence. RPForum still stuck with talk about serotonin and the usual, apparently.]

So will the archive of peatarian.com be made available or nah? I dont know how much of it is on archive.org
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I can send a database file if you want, there are free web hosts online where you could install the necessary files to make it display properly. I'm not sure if the encoding is okay though, I had trouble fixing it the last time I tried. In 2014 and 2015 I circulated backup files so other former users may still have those.

Edit ; What's up with Brad Abrahams? I do not know who he is (tbh I don't 'know' any of the bullies, I just know they bully). I don't know if he has a history of mental issues or something like that but he's been aggressing me for 4 years and frankly I'm not even sure what he hopes to achieve. He's like 15 years older than me, it feels very weird. He's much like Roddy and Pranarupa and all that, with their UFOs and all the absurd stuff. Esotericism and all that, supposed to make them look more interesting and insightful.

Christina and her group are what Dutch people call 'marginalen' and that truly never stops. Bit of the equivalent of 'rednecks' or 'trashy people'. They're rather raunch, and normally most people can just avoid those groups in the country by walking away but here it's on the internet so it's not as easy to get rid of them. I never met them in real life, don't really know who they are, all I know is the calls and then the bullying. Recently I think some people added fake votes to my reddit profile to make the karma a reference to numerology (triple repeated decimal). At the same time 10 of them suddenly started following accounts on twitter or whatever social media they're on, and it made their 'following' count rise to 333 and 666 and 999 and then a few days later all of them followed or unfollowed accounts so that it wasn't that way anymore, again in concert. Brad followed this account during that time : http://instagram.com/sw0mpbug666 (description says "a ghost that knew everything that i knew crawled into my body, turned me off & started to live my life", and as I said before, Christina and Brad are befriended, and Christina changed her SoundCloud profile name to 'gh0st' when I complained about her bullying on there). Some of those references may seem random, again, for years I thought it all was and I was 'seeing things', until it just became too ridiculous. Confronting them directly just made it more clear that it wasn't simply paranoia. Don't even know why I bother putting this here, guaranteed to make me look more mad. Part of it is me hoping it will stop them from being able to catfish people again. There is a very big difference between how these people behave in private and how they represent themselves in public.

Some people started following my reddit account, even though it's barely active. The DeviantArt accounts got more visits, until they undo-ed the numerology thing, then things went kinda silent for a week or so.

Another telling experience was when I talked to that woman I mentioned before ('more easy-going'), who, in a private conversation, repeated the exact words I said two years earlier (in private), said sorry, and recently wrote "i still stand behind hacking freedom is real privacy makes us retarded even this a shortend version of the truth energy is more complex" on her FB feed right after I offered her money if she'd tell me what is happening. The phrase makes little sense, but then again like I said she ended up in the mental hospital and acts incredibly odd, so I'm not gonna elaborate on why she writes this way. It's not the clearest evidence of what I've been claiming, just another thing that added to it.

[Edit : we're now a few hours later, and as I suspected was gonna happen, the very woman removed all her FB posts except for about 4 of them. I made backups though, just to be sure.]
[Image: NsuvTqi.png]

[Edit 2 : bullying still continues whatever I do. Always lying about people's appearance, very aggressive people without any boundaries.]

[Edit 3 : I commented on Brad's instagram and he followed this account after blocking me : http://instagram.com/sacredbones All of these are such clear references to private happenings (even the playing of plantasia is an album I listened to at the time). I'm now 100% sure this whole thing happened, it's a fact, and the Ray Peat groups are most definitely a cult. I'm hoping to collect evidence to make it a court case at some point but this is beyond wack. I'm not 40 yo, I'm 27, and look way younger than them. He has issues and should take his meds. That guy is old, nasty, aggressive and vile. Disgusting attitude that I do not deserve in any which way. Since Roddy and his idiotic friends started monetising everything and americanising everything the whole thing stopped being about health. It's completely impossible for all this to be a coincidence. No this actually happened, it's a fact.]

[Image: 5cJk6QC.png]

The numerous nasty stuff that was said about my appearance is beyond batshit, and seeing how they themselves look is crazy. Many of them look like utter trash and I wouldn't even think about it except that those very people kept harassing me. Some totally normal pictures of me were called 'prematurely aged'. No wrinkles, no old looks, etc. If I ask other people they disagree with what they say. It's the strangest experience, a group that was so wildly angry that things didn't go their way that they harassed me for years. It's like the Mormons following a guy who left them.

I posted a few complaints on Facebook, as there had been no improvements. Told quite a few people that I was being bullied (only the French people and Brad Abrahams were still going at it, nothing coming from other people), and mentioned that I had regularly been called a monster, after which the weirdly talking woman wrote down "a monster is coming now to 'save' you" on her feed. A few months back I wrote her name in one of the posts here (I removed it later) she wrote "say my name" in her feed, meaning she was fully well aware of these posts. Not evidence of a hack of course, but I'm not trying to find evidence anymore, I've got piles of that. The fact that the bullying still refers to things happening in 2017 (around spring or summertime, right before I moved and bought a laptop) is also illustrative. They have no hold on my private life anymore, their insults are not accurate at all, and they refer to music or hobbies I don't bother with anymore. I haven't tried to fix anything at my parents's home, since the computers in that house aren't mine (they belong to my parents and I won't be allowed to access them, already asked).

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