"On Ray Peat and Danny Roddy"
One thing that creeps me out like crazy is the group of Christina Ieronymakis which I will give a short overview of now. Context is that I stopped talking to her altogether in 2015 after which she got nasty. Bullying included commenting on my body (teeth, hair, genitals, muscles or lack thereof, weight, asymmetry in my face). I thought it was hypocritical and called her out. They, in group, claimed her to look 12 year old, that she is unbelievably pretty, and proceeded to brand me a pedophile (I still have trouble understanding the rationale but that holds true for most of what they say). Here is how she actually looked at the time (2016) :

[Image: Lz7JcR2.jpg]

She looks just her age (24 there). Yet if I said anything critical I was said to be 'deluded'. Literally anything that was positive for me was said to be 'learned optimism' and anything negative about them was 'delusion'.

One similar thing Danny Roddy has been doing for about 3 years now is, now and again, associate me with something considered 'bad' by the Ray Peat community. At first it was 'cultism' (a word used by Ray Peat to describe Brownstein's followers), then 'authoritarianism', then 'learned helpless', 'commercialist', 'crony capitalist', 'Dunning-Kruger' (a passive-aggressive way to call me stupid), ... the latest is aggression. I'm not aggressive but could definitely get angry at what they do (which seems normal to me). They're all unbelievably (passive-)aggressive though. They seem to find great joy in harassing someone they don't even know. Under the assumption that I am the aggressive one, Roddy would try and make the case that aggression is caused by estrogen and serotonin but he'd share a study saying exactly the opposite and extracted a phrase out of it, completely taken out of context, talking about castrates. I feel more anger from cyproheptadine anyways.

Now the thing is, I used to be quite interested in France because I went there on holidays pretty much every year (in rural areas). Therefor I watched a lot of material coming from French people online, mostly from people living in rural areas. So Christina went to this French group of people which she found through video-games (she did not talk French before but probably knew basic phrases as learning French is mandatory in Flemish schools). I eventually found out that the people below were set up against me by her, and so I'm gonna have to describe a bit what they do.
So the first one I noted was this illustrator woman, one named 'Megane Nousse' who went by the nickname 'megane lovegood' (edit : she changed the nickname after I shared it) parodied me almost daily at the time (edit : still bullies, october 2018). She seems to get a kick out of getting on my nerves. Same bullying as Christina's - I was described as looking super-fat (my BMI is 19), like a bear, weird canthal tilt, depicted as a black guy, as a monkey, that sort of thing. My supposedly short stature was commented on, which is also strange since I'm average height but they're far below.

[Image: 9pcCzvW.jpg]

Then there were a few guys, none of them particularly handsome but that seemed to find pleasure in commenting on my looks too. I have some asymmetry in my face and it was a popular subject. I commented that they have asymmetry themselves but it seemed to get right past them. Many of them appear to be overweight.

Names are Alexandre Dufay (nickname 'MetaWendoh').

[Image: hVsKczx.png]

Simon Delauney

[Image: jXKwJcg.png]

and some guy named 'Shineaud'. Regularly called me a whale, but I don't think he gets the metaphor. I called Christina that after she called me ugly regularly for 9 months (as always without good reason - I never even talked to her at the time).

[Image: 6iFRFGT.png]

Then a scrawny homosexual guy named 'Danycaligula' who seems to make a big deal out of it and complains about harassment and cyberbullying a lot, which is also ironic.

[Image: o3hOPAl.png]

Since Christina is (supposed to be) a student of psychology I can't believe how this is even a possibility. Yet she's endlessly presented as a victim, as completely innocent. There is no reason whatsoever for them to do this. Most of the things they come up with about the past seem to be Christina's lies that could be demonstrated to be false but she won't allow that.
Danny and Edward claimed to hate price-tags, now both have Patreons. I see some Ray Peat Forum people started a new thread spouting out the same old bullshit. It's typical for them to claim I live in a fantasy world or lie without saying what about or how I am not thinking realistically.
I called out some of the people on RPForum who went there to bully me too (the sadism can get quite intense) but got banned without warning. Didn't mention myself, just called out some claims they made that seemed absurd to me. A novel account I made was accepted, my posts were published, but now apparently they're hidden again and I'm back in moderation. The only posts I made with that one were purely scientific ; comments on a study that had been misinterpreted by haidut imo. They make up the wildest things there. It's like going to a pub and talking about the genders and the fundamentals of life to a bunch of drunkards.
Oh no my mistake I've just been banned now too. No reason this time I suppose. Zero insults towards anybody. Just banned.

[Image: 2Cd0q3b.png]
Bruno, why don't you bring back peatarian? You still have it there anyway so why not?
Most members of the forum are gone, and the current community isn't anywhere close to healthy. There's also this forum, which clearly has no censorship.

A generic forum would have been nice if someone would have made that, one without financial incentives and that keeps the user base small. I don't want to be admin because I don't think it makes sense for me to be one, and I don't want to give the forum away because when I first mentioned doing so I really didn't like what happened and wouldn't be surprised if it got used for promoting more Patreons etc.
"Most members of the forum are gone"

As in dead? I doubt it. Most of them would come back once they realized it was active again.

"and the current community isn't anywhere close to healthy."

I think that is an odd statement. There is no "community." There is just the internet and people who use it. No one meets in person. Most don't even know what each other looks like. There will always be disagreements among individuals as there should be. Maybe in your mind everyone is supposed to be agreeing on everything and living in a hippie commune drawing butterflies and bees but thats not reality. That's not human nature. You should be happy and confident with yourself and not care about what idiots write on health forums. It's really not that serious. It should be a fun hobby. Not stressful.

"There's also this forum, which clearly has no censorship."

Yea but many people like the format of the Q and A and you just have it sitting there for years collecting digital dust.

"I don't want to be admin because I don't think it makes sense for me to be one"

Ok so just let others be admin and delete spam/illegal posts which shouldn't happen often anyway.

"and wouldn't be surprised if it got used for promoting more Patreons etc."

You can delete/ban people who do that but you really shouldn't care anyway. It's not like there are thousands of people visiting the site every day and read every post. The "community" is not that big. It's tiny compared to others.

You've been into this "health" thing for at least 7 years now, which is when you started the site, and finding Peat usuaully takes some time so you're at least a decade into this by now. I don't understand why you're still stuggling. I'm not trying to be mean or troll or whatever, I simply just don't understand you. Your posts above about all these random people don't make any sense. You talk about them as if we are supposed to know who they are. Who the fuck are these people? You're not very clear. I don't know if it's because English is not your first language but you are hard to understand sometimes. 

Roddy is a hipster elitist clown failed emo musician who makes his living off of desperate men who google male pattern baldness and and moved to MX so he can save up a lot of pesos because he couldn't afford his home country anymore and he wanted to be like his cult leader Papi Peat. And good for him, he's free to do so but you really shouldn't take him so seriously. He's just a lost millennial. He's even balding if you take a close look at his widows peak.

Same with the OTBOAT clowns. These people are scammers. Stop giving them so much power in your mind. Make fun of them and laugh and enjoy your life. They are all cultist clowns.
Well you haven't changed your writing style. I was addressing these people somewhat directly, since I have no other outlet. Maybe why it was hard to understand. Unless you're talking about the grammar. In the end it matters none, the posts had the intended effect.

The forum uses Question2Answer with some custom plugins.
Download, put it at the top of your file system. Set the .htaccess right.
Then upload the database if you want to re-use the old one and set the username/password/... right in the qa-config file.
If anyone has backups of May 2015 those would work. It has been possible to use them since then. The backup I have has been scrambled a bit. So that one will work for bringing back the posts but restoring users will take some additional effort.

At this time only the domain name is alive, the files were wiped a few days back which is why the domain redirects here. As for the other statements, morally speaking I have a pretty strongly catholic background, what do you expect. I haven't used Peat's work in many years. That forum is unhealthy for other reasons anyways, but it doesn't matter.
Quick notes for further backing of what I said above, Roddy posted this :

[Image: cJJdSkg.png]

Study's not about 'high stress' people but about 'high negative affectivity'.
The actual quote is :
"High-NA individuals not only experience more feelings of dysphoria and tension, but have a negative view of self, report more somatic symptoms, and have an attention bias towards adverse stimuli [57]. Overall, they seem to scan the world for signs of impending trouble: neuroticism or NA has been associated with more exposure to and reactivity to stressful events [60] and with more negative appraisals of interpersonal stressors [61]."

Liked by Ruth Heasman, fat woman who in no way appears healthy and who after realizing I'm at the end of my degree promoted articles telling companies to hire people without degrees to 'promote diversity', Dan Wich, also monetizes with Patreon, Martin Brown, fat and former FB group admin who attacked me (eg. called me cultist) regularly but never said anything to Roddy. Olivier Goetgeluck also, one of the many 'personal trainers' that seem to repeat anything the group moans about to gather views and followers. It never really seems to work. The best they get is inviting Haidut on a live feed and asking money for it (I've noted that the vast majority of new Patreon followers Roddy procured are due to this).

New popular thing is to claim I'm manipulative and a liar and tell me I should be looking inwards to 'discover truth'. Ask them why I'm manipulative and if you're luckier than me and get a response please post it here. As for that introversion thing, what, I'm ugly and I look like an 80 year old or something? Anything else, maybe something relevant?

Also, Flavio Martins, admin of two FB groups banned me from both for sharing a genetic study with negative views on cannabis, and for a long time had a profile pic and a cover pic that were my wallpapers on my computer at the time (eg. painting by Thomas Cole).

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