Pathogen Infection is the Cause of Most Illness (TYW)
Carnitine is a good "mitochondrial" supplement. But you have to take the right forms and right amount. I've always liked Quadracarn, personally.
One must understand that ALL pathogens must have a valid "entry" method in order to infect a host.
Once they are near the host cell, or the host is exposed it does not guarantee infection; since host factors determine the incidence of infection.
Therefore, things like DNA methylation, antigen status and chemokine activity will play a role in ANY infection and the capacity for it.
Staph infections are particularly notorious because they assimilate into the body and can penetrate multiple tissues and organs unpredictably.
As a general rule, bacteria can produce negative impact on the body quicker than viruses although species is important.
Filoviruses; Marburg virus and Ebola act VERY quickly.
Rabies, which is a zoonotic virus, also acts pretty rapidly. Infecting nervous system cells and making its way to the blood-brain barrier where it then cripples host-nervous system.
Fortunately, Rabies also can not be passed from human-human and the infection generally requires punctured skin to pass first line defense.
Other viruses such as Hepatitis B and Herpes are very virulent "new world viruses" and as such require quick attention in those with not ideal health.

Many viruses, in fact almost ALL viruses and pathogens, trigger inflammation by means of the host immune system - and controlling but not "killing" TNF-A and interleukins is key to healing the host.
(10-09-2017, 01:20 PM)Zachs Wrote: Thanks for replying! Can you give me a few examples of types of herbals and mitochondria supps you used?  

Theres a doc named Gabe Mirkin who has written a bit on some forms of bacteria that are tiny pathogens that take up residence all over the body, joints especially but brain, nervous system etc.  They are almost impossible to eradicate and cause all sorts of havoc long term.  I have a type of auto immune arthritus called anklosing spondylitis that diet alone seems to reduce but not cure.  I have read about some pretty intensive antibiotic protocols that could potentially help but im apprehesive to try because of side effects.  Chinese medicine intrigues me because you are saying basically that it could cure these same issues.

Are you referring to Chlamydophila pneumoniae (CPN) infection? I've seen some similar information as the one you're referring to. 
It's hard to diagnose CPN infection because very few tests are available, and it's hard to eradicate because it lives inside cells, so most antibiotics won't reach them, and they have many different life stages which react differently to antibiotics. I'm not sure how legitimate this information is. The symptoms are vague and all-encompassing so it is possible that some 'infected' are simply hypochondriacs with metabolic syndrome. Here's the info I found:

I'm sick since months and doctors have no clue what is wrong with me. It started in last year october where I had the cold. I started having a cough which never went away it got only a little better. In the morning I stil have sometimes green phlegm in my sputum, I'm fortunate that my breathing is ok. The worst part of my symptoms is the brain fog which started at the end of december. Since then I have brain fog and it's sometimes so extremely terrible. In August (after waiting for 4 months by then) I will have an mri, maybe it's cancer or something I don't know. Bloodwork was fine, but what do doctors know.

It seems you have recovered from an illness, could you give me some guidance how you did that? You mentioned that you wrote tyw, what did you exactly do?

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