B Vitamins and cancer

Apparently higher doses of some b vits can bring up your chances of cancer.  

I always thought it was crazy to be taking such high rdas of vitamins, even if you just pee most of them out.
Ive consistently felt a negative sensation from vitamin-added wheat, even after controlling for and understanding the effect of reduced iron. 

I wish everyone could experience the following foods:

Wheat bread with nothing added
Wheat bread with no yeast

It could clear up so much confusion for people in the nutritionsphere.
I agree. B vitamins have always made me feel horrible as well, energin being the worst.
I have had huge success supplementing Thiamine and Riboflavin, but never felt anything from other B vitamins. I have never done it long term as I also think it is a bit crazy. I have now stopped as I am to the same level of health without them.
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