Niacinamide Discussion and Reviews
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"The true method of knowledge is experiment." -William Blake
Recently started supplementing niacinamide (now brand) about 25-100 mg 3-4xs day for about 1week. I supplement mostly with coffee in the am to suppress the ffa's.
Things I've noticed-these are entirely n=1 subjective 

My cracked and rough heels are mostly healed total win!
Leaning out prolly water loss
Interferes with sleep if I don't take some magnesium with one of the doses.(boo)
Makes my feet and extremeties in general really warm ( love it!)
Seem to have more energy overall
Good mood
Outer 1/3 of eyebrows are growing in- this is interesting I had understood this was an effect of improved thyroid function

 I also take d3, k complex, calcium carbonatE, t3, vit a, and avoid pufa. 
Overall I feel like I have more energy and focus. I also take some t3 (bop) and have not felt my usually need to dose this so,wtimes forget to take it! My mood is good (which has been ho-hum lately) which is a welcome change. 
I have tried higher dose niacinamide in the past-250-500 mg  at a time and always got a headache (even with plenty of carb/sugar)with hair shed and drowsiness. Total opposite effect now with smaller dose and am not trying especially to ensure carb/sugar load. My liver is much better state though this time round. I'll try to update.
I forgot to mention that skin overall looks great-sort of glowing and no blemishes. Good tone although I don't have skin problems usually.
Another win is that it has noticeably Improved vision. My vision has been slowly getting worse over the past 3 years for instance I had to start wearing readers to read my iPhoneipad. Now, I can comfortably read both without the readers although it's not as good as it was before.

I had to reduce to taking only 25-50 mg in the morning with coffe vs taking 3xs day. It was affecting my sleep- felt like cortisol or adrenaline and could not shut mind off or wind down at night. Caused mild insomnia until reduced to morning only dose. Also caused mild aggressiveness -definitely something going on with stress hormones. Need to work in my liver more. Sigh. I've been working on my liver it seems like forever.
Still using 25-50 mg in the am with coffee.
Really amazing for skin appearance.
I'm going to stick with the small dosage 1xs day for a couple more weeks. Then take it intermittently/cycle so I can lose some weight to minimize excessive ffa Release and damage.

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