Kefir - What happens after eating it?
(07-14-2017, 09:39 PM)Sea Wrote: I think that when digestion is really bad you can begin to improve it without needing to eat a large variety of foods, or "healthy foods" but just by choosing foods that don't result in side effects.

Yeah, you have some point in there. Sometimes I indeed get lost with the idea of "healthy foods".

(07-16-2017, 09:26 PM)Mittir Wrote: I had similar experience with orange. I tried to add orange for it's high nutrient content in many different
ways but failed. Even sweet ripe oranges caused milder problem. I have seen some articles listing
citrus fruits like orange causing histamine release. I get instant sneezing if i eat 2-3 ripe oranges.
My guess is either the pectin in orange or high content of putrescine causing this histamine problem.
But, i have not seen any scientific studies explaining possible citrus histamine connection.

I have success with apple juice. But, it is hard to find apple juice without fungul content.
I use taste as a guide. Chinese concentrated apple juice are known for high amount of fungul residue.
I have found apple juice from cyprus are often better than other brands. You can also try cooked apple.
I wonder if cooking orange would make it less problematic. I never tried.

I wish I had no problems with oranges.  The fact I can juice them with my own hands at home and not needing an expensive juicer to get fresh OJ makes everything much easier.
Nice! I actually want to try apple juice, but where I live, I can't really find good quality ones in supermarkets. They all have conservatives and their appearance is also not that appealing.
I still think that fresh pressed juice is way better than those available in the supermarkets. Of course, the cons are that an (expensive) juicer is needed and it will consume some time of the day to juice them, for sure.
Cooked apples are nice. I boiled them in water and the water that comes from the boiling is actually very tasty. The fiber becomes kind of bitter and sometimes it doesn't suit well in my digestion.
Cooked oranges get pretty bitter after cooking them. I think you wouldn't like the taste. I never tried to cook one entirely, but I have already eaten cooked meals in the past where they used oranges and it taste really bitter.

(07-16-2017, 09:26 PM)Mittir Wrote: I have got very good result from low dose tetracycline and doxycycline. I used around 50 mg
daily for several months with big improvement in metabolic health. Now i only take this dose
for 4-5 days whenever i feel sluggish. Raw carrot was very helpful but not as dramatic as antibiotics.
It is worth experimenting as small dose has been used in acne treatment. I think
raw carrot can be problematic for some people if their digestion is too weak.
Perhaps, I will indeed have to try antibiotics to see if I can get some improvement and be able to digest different foods.
Yeah, raw carrots are not friendly to my digestion.
(07-16-2017, 09:26 PM)Mittir Wrote: I think Small amount of T3 or T4/T3 mix can be used without causing dependence.
I have used chicken neck soup as thyroid supplement. I guess i get about
one fourth to half a grain of thyroid from soup of 5 necks. People used to get
half a grain of thyroid from fish and chicken stew and thyroid gland blended in ground beef.
You can experiment with few mcg of T3 to see how body reacts to it.
I'm seeing if I can solve my gut issues. But, just out of curiosity, does cooking 5 necks really work as thyroid supp? How do you get those? Ask for them in a butchery?

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