What to drink with coffee if lactose intolerant?
Love the taste of coffee milk and sugar, but after trying all kinds of milks, I've found nothing I could tolerate well.

Right now I've given up coffee because I couldn't drink it by itself or just with sugar.  Is there something I can add to my coffee?  Maybe powered milk?
If lactose-free milk hasn't worked for you, there's always coconut cream/coconut milk powder, almond milk or if you're trying to watch your PUFA intake and don't care for the coconut flavor you'll likely taste in your coffee, there's oat milk or coconut and almond milk blends? If you do coconut milk powder and have sensitivities, as a warning, many of the powders have fillers and/or anti-caking agents added.

Below is the coconut milk powder I use. Its only ingredient is powdered coconut milk:


I used to use Aroy-D coconut cream that comes in the carton. I like it the best out of all the canned creams I've tried. They don't use any gums or preservatives, just coconut and water.

I haven't tried it myself, but this oat milk brand has clean ingredients:

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Neither lactose free nor A2 milk has worked. Maybe I should get lactose free A2 milk but I haven't seen that anywhere.

The powdered coconut milk looks good. I like the taste of coconut a lot too.

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