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Some people say milk proteins use a lot of vitamin A so you need more vitamin A for this reason.
(05-29-2017, 08:12 AM)Spiral Wrote: Increase in vitamin A needs from increased metabolism right? That does not make sense to me. How it can be that improving metabolism can cause acne? Vit A is unsaturated in nature so it might have something to do with skin function and why it "solves" the issue for some people. Then I guess B vitamins would also help greatly with skin problems and acne. But again that does not sound logical that improved metabolism will be a reson for impaired function of the skin. Real Metabolism improvement ocurrs when resources are sufficient and abundant so everything will be better functioning right?  I think acne are a result of hormonal or nutrient imbalances  esspecially cystic or large acne. Reaction to trace hormones in milk may produce some metabolites that are responsible for that that is why i mentioned that and its not just about progesterone and estrogens ratio in dairy.but high tryptophan content of  milk is also a big factor here. I think Mg can help with that.This paper is a good review of complete hormone content of milk.

I don't know if it's from increased metabolism or something else as nikotrope suggested, but people have cured this issue with it, others have not. If you follow Ray you'll know he recommends vitamin A for a wide range of conditions, it is said to work hand in hand with thyroid and a deficiency of one or the other could have a large impact on health, it's one of the reasons he recommends liver.
As you said, if nutrients balance is off metabolism slows down, and a deficiency of vitamin A from milk could be one explanation.
An other thing I noticed on milk is mucus, I'm pretty sure that most milk (maybe not all) create more mucus.
Hm. I never saw that explanation from Ray Peat. I read his explanation about increased thyroid function and vit A requirements and tryptophan problem in the defficiency of thyroid which really sounds more likely as I stated in previos post. And according to his explanation of improved thyroid function everthing should function better with better retention of minerals and more efficient use of vitamins . I know about interrelationship between thyroid and vit A but is it only a balance between Vit A and thyroid ? And yes I know also his opinion that too much Vit A or Liver can also supress thyroid so i am not sure.

If that explanation, that milk proteins requires so much vit A to the point of causing acne than it can require quantity of vit A which will going to be supressive for thyroid right?.And not only that, it than means that ratio of vit A to vit D will also be impaired and proably also increased requirement for vit K and probably vit E. + if liver is the only source that can met those needs for vit A and eating it frequently it can pose other potential problems besides supressing thyroid .For example too much copper and that also increase need for Zinc right? + high iron.I think Ca in milk also requires much more dietary Zinc. Ok he recommends oysters but not sure how much one needs to eat if drinking 2-3 quarts or more of milk?

Why in some people vit A did not solve the acne problems? I would say that still it has something to do with the fact that vit A is unsaturated in nature and some people that are eating diet more defficient in "EFA" are experiencing skin problems and hence benefits from vit A, E or B vitamins.

I think that this cycle can be solved only with not drinking 2-3 l or more of milk but maybe 1-1.5 quart max or so. I can understand why he chosed milk over other protein sources but it poses some other problems in very large quantities. And + tryptophan content in 1- 1.5 quart have much less chance to cause too much serotonin formation and hence no need for using drugs such as cyprophetadine.

About your problems with mucus I don ' t know really. I read that in TCM it is well known that milk can cause dumpness and phlegm and worsen arthritis. I think gut health may be your problem with mucus formation. Maybe milk and dairy in general is sloving down your bowels from opioid peptides that are problematic for some people and hence problems with gut bacteria. People that do not have sufficient B vitamins in diet react badly to opioid peptides found in both dairy and wheat . And B vitamins can still be lacking if your liver has a lot of job to do at detoxifying from endotoxin or environmental or metabolic estrogens or too much fructose for example. B vitamins are needed for liver to detoxify. Do you have mucus from other foods?
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