How do I look at the latest threads?
I don't want to click on all topics/sub topics/sub-sub topics.  Is there a way just to look at the latest activity overall like the default page on
Second this, we need a way to see the newest posts.
I'll try to put some work in on the forum this week. Right now you can tell if there are unread posts, if the bubble to the left of the forum header is filled/unfilled.
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I second this notion.

Say whatever you want about the other RP forum, but they got it right to showcase the latest discussion threads on the frontpage. It makes the site looks busy and full of activity. People are drawn with busy activity sites, it makes it look legit. Kinda like when you go to food court for lunch and you don't know what to eat. You simply look for the food joint that has the longest line of people waiting to order. More people = look more reliable/trusted/attractive etc.

Another thing that this site needs to work on is the mobile-responsiveness. This site is really hard to navigate and read in smart phone and tablets. The fonts look to small, the look is not mobile-responsive, links are tiny etc.

I read it somewhere that mobile users just surpassed desktop users, and the trend will only continue upward towards mobile usage. I spend most of my time browsing on my phone nowadays so I agree with this trend.

Just some constructive suggestions
I forgot another thing.

Usually when a person browse into a site, the main top left logo is linkable to the homepage. For instance, Amazon, Google, ESPN etc. Their logos always link back to homepage.

It's a website standard. The link is a great shortcut.

Whenever I want to go back to homepage, I usually click that logo. Unfortunately, this site doesn't do that.
Is there new member introduction here?
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