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My Log
(03-09-2017, 05:29 AM)Jennifer Wrote:
(03-08-2017, 05:41 AM)ChasingGoodandEvil Wrote:
(03-08-2017, 03:05 AM)Jennifer Wrote:
(03-07-2017, 07:37 PM)VoS Wrote:
(03-06-2017, 11:29 PM)Jennifer Wrote: James, have repeated blood tests shown you have high calcium levels or was it just high on your latest test? And did your doctor check your parathyroid function? With high serum calcium, doctors usually check PTH levels to rule out if there is a possible tumor (almost always benign) on one of the parathyroid glands causing hyperparathyroidism.

But now knowing that you struggle with your gut, that could actually be a huge factor in your inability to put muscle on. You may have some malabsorption going on, assuming you're not hyperthyroid or dealing with high adrenaline, both of which are catabolic in nature. I suspect estrogen is also.

I mention malabsorption because at my worst, I couldn't keep weight on despite eating a lot. I was down to 69lbs. and in an attempt to gain weight, I started eating the fruitarian 80/10/10 diet and was able to put on about 12lbs. before fracturing. I dropped the diet when my doctor told me it was the cause. Knowing what I know now, I had major malabsorption going on and was running on adrenaline. Eating that same fruitarian diet now and I'm maintaining at 99lbs.

I've been having good results from the potato juice extract you suggested. I find it's a high quality protein like egg yolk. 

It takes me about 15 minutes to peel and juice five pounds of potatoes, which cost only about $2. I pour the juice through a cheesecloth to strain off excess starch. Then simmer the juice for about an hour until it thickens. I melt in some butter and egg yolks, and blend it with MCT oil. Then I season with salt and turmeric. I think it's really delicious. 

Thanks so much for the suggestion, J. Maybe you could tell us a little more about your experience with it?

No way!!! Okay, now I'm convinced you're connected to my brain somehow. You have my sympathies. lol

After responding to James (Chasing) yesterday, I was thinking about catabolism and how potato juice extract might be of benefit to him since he has gut issues and needs higher protein, but suffers from excess adrenaline. I was going to ask you on the juice thread today how you were doing with it since you mentioned that you were juicing potatoes. Before suggesting it to James, I wanted to see if you were experiencing benefits in the muscle department since you're male and have more muscle mass to maintain than me. 

As for my experience with it, I found potato juice to be very soothing and healing to the intestines, which I think a lot of us are in need of. Raw potato juice is actually an old remedy for gastritis and ulcers. And if getting enough protein is a concern for someone but they're dealing with excess adrenaline, I think potato juice is a great alternative to the more stimulating proteins. 

To me, there seems to be this trap in which people are losing muscle mass if they don't eat a lot of protein (possible malabsorption), but then suffer from excess stress hormones because of how stimulating protein is to the adrenals, which then causes the breakdown of tissue. Even Ray has mentioned how he needs at least 16oz of OJ to counter the stimulating effects of 1 egg and stresses the importance of getting enough sugar with protein. 

I could go into acids' role in degeneration of tissues, but it's not completely aligned with Ray's views so I'll spare you all. 

P, I like your recipe, especially the addition of the turmeric. It's very anti-inflammatory. Actually, Dr. Morse says the cholesterol we produce buffers acids in the body/is anti-inflammatory so I would think the cholesterol in the egg yolk and butter is, too? You've come up with your own version of golden milk. A tasty one at that! Smile

 Very good thank you. Could you expand on parathyroid maintaing structure? Ive always thought of pth in negative terms i saw my calcium problems as simply related to a low-energy state so this connection of parathoid to maintaining structure is interesting. Do you mean structure of bones? Thanks fo this, i will buy a juicer.

Yep, structure of bones and other harder tissues like teeth and nails, but also connective tissues - a weakness causes prolapsed conditions (dropping) of skin, bladder, uterus, bowels and other organs, varicose and spider veins, hemorrhoids, hernias, ruptured discs...

Ray has written about PTH in quite a few of his articles. Here are couple quotes:

"One of Selyes colleagues, G. Jasmin, showed that magnesium deficiency causes inflammation. A deficiency of either calcium or magnesium can stimulate the parathyroid glands to produce more hormone (parathyroid hormone, PTH), which increases calcium absorption, but also removes calcium from the bones. This hormone, responding to a dietary calcium or magnesium deficiency, is an important factor in causing cells to take up too much calcium, and its excess is associated with many inflammatory and degenerative diseases."


"In a vitamin D deficiency, or a calcium deficiency, the parathyroid hormone increases, and this hormone can contribute to many inflammatory and degenerative processes, including diabetes. Consuming enough calcium and vitamin D to keep the parathyroid hormone suppressed is important to protect against the degenerative conditions."


I also follow a doctor's work and he approaches it a little differently, but he and Ray are in agreement with many things, and gut health is one of the main ones so I think you're on the right track with getting a juicer. I'm excited to see how you respond to it. Smile

Excellent, thank you very much!
[color=#222222][size=medium]"I have no religion, no political affiliation: I believe in me, above everything else." -Chasing Good & Evil[/size][/color]
Im SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY that spring is coming! haha

Finally I can get some much needed sunlight, and hopefully move to a more favorable climate.
Back to waking up at night. I had scallops yesterday, not sure if i digested them properly.
I hate this, another huge storm just hit the northeast. As I expected my health has declined overnight, why does anyone live in this part of the world. I have no clue.
(03-15-2017, 03:09 PM)James_001 Wrote: I hate this, another huge storm just hit the northeast. As I expected my health has declined overnight, why does anyone live in this part of the world. I have no clue.

Well, that answers my question. I was wondering how you were handling the snowstorm we just had. I'm sorry it set you back. I was hoping it wouldn't, but had a feeling it might. I know it's rough, but take heart. You're in the home stretch now and have an exciting time ahead of you. Soon enough, these northern winters will be a thing of the past. Smile
"One regret, my dear world, that I am determined not to have when I am lying on my deathbed is that I did not kiss you enough." ~ Hafiz
Jennifer, how do you disagree with ray on acidity? Im curious to know. Thx.
[color=#222222][size=medium]"I have no religion, no political affiliation: I believe in me, above everything else." -Chasing Good & Evil[/size][/color]
(03-17-2017, 03:56 AM)ChasingGoodandEvil Wrote: Jennifer, how do you disagree with ray on acidity? Im curious to know. Thx.

I agree with Ray's view on the negative effects of lactic acid and what the optimal pH range of urine is, but given what he wrote me in regards to his dietary recommendations, specifically his protein recommendations, both quantity and type, as well as his antibiotic recommendations, it seems to me we have differing views on acid, in general. For myself, I'm conservative when it comes to proteins and antibiotic use just based on how they contribute to excess acids and the resulting pain and inflammation in my body.
"One regret, my dear world, that I am determined not to have when I am lying on my deathbed is that I did not kiss you enough." ~ Hafiz
Ok so I have an update in case anyone is looking at this.

I recently started to transition from taking one and a half cynomel pills to taking four grains of thryoid from thailand plus some t3. My sleep is getting worse in general I think although some nights I do sleep the whole night. I think I was getting more consistent sleep on t3 only, but its hard to tell, especially when I am sleep deprived.

I wish there was a simple answer to all of this.

I dont know if I should continue with the desiccated thryoid or just go back to the t3.

On a better note, the weather is getting better here, well atleast the snow is gone. Not a lot of sun, but there never really is. I still haven't found a job, well besides the thailand one but the pay isnt that good so I dont think I will take it.

Does anyone have a clue why the desiccated thyroid might mess up my sleep?
Sleep is getting worse again.

I recently started to use apple juice instead of orange and I think this is causing me issues.

Going to switch back to oj starting tomorrow. Fuck this, I hate life.
Darn, James. Sad I wish others would chime in. I have such a different approach that I don't think I'm of much help to you, but I'll keep trying.

Did you switch back to the cynomel?

Did you happen to take some systolic blood pressure readings?

How is your gut doing? Has your digestion improved?

Other than the frustration from not sleeping, is everything else in your life going okay? No problems with school, family, friends etc.?

Is the apple juice fresh pressed or is it bottled? If bottled, is it 100% apple juice with nothing else added such as enzymes (commonly used in the manufacturing process, but not usually listed under the ingredients), citric or ascorbic acid?

Assuming it's bottled, you're back on cynomel and no other variables in your life have changed, the only reason I can think of as to why AJ is causing you issues is it's somehow irritating you and triggering stress hormones, which is possible if it's made from unripe/bad apples and/or has irritating ingredients added.

Other than dietary changes, the only things I can think to recommend are herbal and relaxation strategies. If you're still struggling with excess adrenaline despite thyroid supplementation, there are adrenal supportive herbs and/or adaptogenic herbs that can possibly help lower your stress hormones and calm your nervous system. Or what about getting regular massages? If cost is a concern, massage schools offer them at a low rate. That or perhaps you have a partner who would be willing to massage you nightly before bed until you get into a rhythm of sleeping?

Back when I first fractured I had extreme insomnia so to overcome it, every night before bed I would drink chamomile tea, soak in a bath of Epsom salts, rose and vanilla essential oils (others find lavender calming) while listening to Norah Jones or other soothing music, and then get into bed where I was massaged until I fell asleep. It seems too simple to work, but it did. I think part of it was due to feeling safe (my adrenals could finally relax) and part of it was loosening up the tension that developed from trying to stay upright. I did a lot of falling down and getting back up in those days while relearning how to walk.
"One regret, my dear world, that I am determined not to have when I am lying on my deathbed is that I did not kiss you enough." ~ Hafiz
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