Best fruit for juicing?
(01-08-2017, 12:28 AM)Jennifer Wrote: Oh, yay! Awesome! Big Grin I thought it might be an off the grid reason. My family has worked in the solar industry for 3 generations so I get it. My goal is to live a self-sustaining life in Hawaii someday.

Haha! So now you can understand why I let myself turn the color of an Oompa Loompa that one summer. Cantaloupe nectar of the gods! Haven't had any like it since. Let me know if you try the apple and lemon combo?

Currently, I'm in the midst of helping to achieve the "impossible." Nothing lights a fire in me more than being told what I or any other being aren't capable of. So far, things are looking promising. If all goes well, I'll have quite a few tricks to share.
Rooting for you!
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Thanks, P! Bee thanks you, too. Wink
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Anybody tried acerola cherry juice?It's acid?
(01-08-2017, 10:39 PM)Jennifer Wrote: Thanks, P! Bee thanks you, too. Wink

I am absolutely loving my juicer. I've learned the fastest way to peel an orange (roll it around with pressure before peeling) and I even made potato juice, too!

It's an addictive habit, but well worth it. 

Any update on you, J?
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Great Source of Several Nutrients, May Have Antioxidant Properties, May Have Benefits Against Diabetes, May Help Prevent Kidney Stones, May Support Heart Health, May Reduce Blood Pressure, Beneficial After Prolonged Exercise, Delicious Source of Hydration....

A good mixture of different fruits. I will try to make juice with all fruits together.
Recently my juicer was broke and I can't decide which one new o buy. I watched the comparison here Help what to choose. I will be glad to any Council!

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