Paging VOS: 72 year-old male with idiopathic anemia, dyspnea
(01-05-2017, 10:32 PM)ChasingGoodandEvil Wrote: Ok thanks, so even though his serum lactate is low, what you're saying is it's lactic acid that is keeping his urine so acidic. I read on one of the papers you gave me that kidneys and bicarbonate is like water and a bucket, viz., it all is retained until maximum capacity, then all is let go. I'm wondering if low bicarbonate and low chloride is related to the glycolytic status.

what is the reading for his serum lactate? 2.5 mmol/L is typically said to be good. But there may be other factors to consider. 
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His lactate is 8.8mg/dL, which is .998 mmol/l according to these conversion charts. I wish he'd try the urea, his doctor told him it was "horse piss" so he's probably fucked. He doesn't even sound like the same person anymore. Fucking doctors i want them to die painfully. They prescribed him benzos and oxycotin, obviously they believe that will rectify his blood chemistry. I have a hunch that a series of abdominal CTs started this severe hypocholesterolemia. Anyways i guess he's fucked. What can you do?
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