My ketone diet
So this is essentially a liquid diet, no?
MCT-Yolk solution with juice, milk and kefir?
(12-11-2016, 12:14 PM)halken Wrote: So this is essentially a liquid diet, no?
MCT-Yolk solution with juice, milk and kefir?

Yes, I try not to eat indigestible fibers or starch, which seem to be what most consider solid food. I do have a few ounces of meat or shellfish maybe a couple times a week. 

I'm planning to add some mushrooms (at tastyfood's and Jennifer's suggestion) by growing kefir mushrooms, which have kefiran and are fairly solid. But I've just started trying to get these to grow. 

The kefir does thicken, like an ice cream or even cheese cake. If I strain the whey with a cheesecloth, then it takes the consistency of brie cheese.  I've noticed that doubling the instant milk powder, or lately adding coconut milk powder (at Jennifer's suggestion), makes a consistency that is much thicker, like pumpkin pie. 

I also eat solidified sugar, aka candy. 

Sometimes I'll have some limed corn chips or well-cooked potatoes, drenched in coconut oil and salt. I've only lately gotten to point where my gut seems to be good enough to handle some solid food, without bloating. But I wonder if that's only temporary, until I start eating those things again. 

It's like cannabis. The gut issues are resolved as long as it's being applied. But the gut issues return when it's stopped.
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(12-11-2016, 04:47 AM)bailadora Wrote: So @vos what are the benefits for your woe? I see increasing co2 but anything else you ar getting for this?

My feeling with diet is that I eat to get high. Literally, I want to feel high, with so much energy and zest that it's like having a consciousness-altering experience.

Ketones and sugar are the only things I've found that do that, especially together. 

Not sure what your goals are, but the ketones and sugar, in theory, should resolve any degenerative health issue, from weight loss to depression, and from cancer to alzheimers, pretty much from A to Z. I can't think of any degenerative illness that has not been shown to result from a loss of mitochondrial energy in the liver, brain, heart or kidneys. Ketones feed these major organs and modulate the uptake of sugar and insulin. 

I find avoidance of hyperventilation (or the intentional act of slow-breathing) goes hand-in-hand with diet, along with keeping a clean gut free of bloating. 

But all three of these things are easy and inexpensive to test for: ketones with urine test strips, CO2 by holding your breath, and a clean gut by feeling your belly for bloating when lying on your back. As JCastro said, you can be your own expert in your own health. No need to rely on anyone else.
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By sugar, can that also mean glucose exclusively?
(12-14-2016, 06:46 AM)halken Wrote: By sugar, can that also mean glucose exclusively?

I enjoy the taste of sucrose sugar (which has both glucose and fructose). Dextrose or fructose alone don't taste quite as good to me. That may be why I feel a greater high or smooth buzz with sucrose sugar. 

Fructose alone is almost a little too intense for me. It makes me feel hot, even uncomfortably so. Sort of hyperthyroid maybe?

Do you measure your ketones and blood sugar? I find that when the ketone level is high, the insulin level should be low, as reflected in blood sugar. 

.pdf   MCT improves insulin eckel1992.pdf (Size: 923.07 KB / Downloads: 12)

.pdf   MCT improves insulin wein2009.pdf (Size: 180.07 KB / Downloads: 7)
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Do you add any supplemental vitamins or minerals to raise to good levels? How much calories are you eating a day and how many meals? What was your last meal for example ? I have ordered some Collagen hydrolysate (no vitamins or minerals in it?) and MCT oil so will see if it works for me.
Yea but all these studies negate genetic aspects of nutrition.
(01-31-2017, 03:12 PM)halken Wrote: Yea but all these studies negate genetic aspects of nutrition.

What do you mean?

In any case it seems clear from these studies that endotoxin absorption is increased by fat, this is the point I was trying to make because if ketones in theory seem great, are they really good for everyone? I am just trying to be precise and realistic, understand the truth and that's why a dialectical method of thinking is important, this is the way by which precision is attained.

It also seems clear from studies that fructose increases endotoxins.
I don't think Ray has perfect ideas on everything, but I may be wrong as well, just trying to raise some points without being dogmatic or fanatical, I consider Ray as a genius but he is a human that also can sometimes be wrong (maybe he is not, but then you have to find a solid argument against these studies).

Could you post a cronometer of your daily diet?
Also how would you deal with not being able to digest much of anything? Like getting bad digestion after a small meal of something like milk and juice?

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