VOS- Chronic Sinusitis
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(01-15-2017, 02:17 AM)ChasingGoodandEvil Wrote: VOS, how do I addrese chronic sinusitis? Was wondering if urea would be helpful, or methylene blue. Both my girlfriend and I suffer from it, we have gut conditions that are works in progress, for example im rebuilding lower abdominal/pelvic muscle so it's more about damage control them cure. Thx.

I use a stream of CO2 in the nostrils. It safely clears up any sort of runny nose or congestion, although it may need to be repeated from time to time.

Could you explain how you do this and where you bought the material for this please?
I use a nasal cannula and attach it to the CO2 tank and regulator. 

[Image: 182290616281-0_grande.jpg?v=1477918673]

I turn the regulator up enough to feel a tingling from the CO2 in the nasal membranes. After a while, mucus will run off. Then I find the sinusitis clears.
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